Dating Scams: What Looking for Love Can Cost You

In 2015, dating scams cost Australians $55 million. Unfortunately, many of those who lost money had the best intentions. They were simply looking for love. Scam artists, however, take advantage of those with trusting hearts.

The majority of dating scams in Australia are related to online dating. That interaction could be on a dating site, social media or another community group. Communication between users and scammers begins very innocently. The stories they tell may paint them in a light of being in trouble or needing help. They prey on the empathy of others.

Their stories will often include reasons or objections as to why they cannot meet in person or talk through video applications. That should be a huge red flag. Until meeting in person or via video, you may never know with whom you are actually talking.

Their story is always vague as well and not easily verifiable through just an online search. This is another red flag, as most people, especially those you meet online, have some kind of digital footprint.

It’s important to pick up on cues that this could be a dating scam. Ask for proof of identity if you feel suspicious. Those who run these kinds of scams are good at winning confidence. Most con men are. Don’t allow your judgment to be clouded because you believe you have feelings for a person. The moment you are asked for money is the ultimate red flag.

Dating scams aren’t limited to just online money schemes. They also occur when a married man or woman enters an online relationship under a false identity. At least 41 percent of married individuals admit they have been unfaithful, either physically or emotionally. While these online relationships may be virtual that doesn’t mean it’s not cheating. There are even websites dedicated to making it easy for people to have online affairs.

If you are distrustful of your spouse’s online behaviour, it’s not always easy to gain access to someone’s digital activity. On the other hand, if you meet someone online that seems too good to be true then trust your gut. If the person, although real, wants to limit your interaction to virtual, this could indicate they have another life.

All of these dating scams happen every day to many innocent people. You may lose your money or your heart. The best thing to do when you can’t get answers is to turn to a professional. Private investigators know how to investigate people and reveal who they really are. If you are desperate for answers, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get the answers you deserve.





    Flirting When Married: Harmless Fun or Road to Ruin?

    Is flirting when married just a bit of innocent fun or a gateway to an affair? While we may all be guilty of a friendly flirt with an old friend or playful banter with a stranger on a boozy night out, flirting shouldn’t be dismissed as harmless fun.

    Perhaps your married man is flirting with an attractive co-worker, for example. You may brush if off as an exciting way to pass the workday or a flattering boost to the ego, but even innocent flirting can be a slippery slope to dangerous territory.

    So, when does flirting become cheating? What are the warning signals? Is your partner’s flirting a sign of an affair on the horizon? In this post, we shed some light on why all flirting is a red flag.

    It could be a warning sign that there’s more going on

    Whether you have noticed your spouse batting their lashes at a friend, colleague, ex or even just someone they cross paths with during their daily activities (hello, cute barista), this behaviour is possibly a sign that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. Flirting is often the first stepping stone to cheating. If your husband or wife is getting a little too friendly with another man or woman, whether it be in person, via text message or online, there is a chance that there is something going on between them, or they might be close to stepping over the line.

    A new friendship could lead to emotional cheating

    If your spouse is suddenly spending a lot of time with a new person, confiding in them and forging a friendship, it is possible they will develop romantic feelings for one another. Even if they have control over their physical desires, emotional cheating is just as damaging to a marriage. A new intense friendship can sometimes point to signs of an ulterior motive, especially if your partner is secretive about the relationship.

    It could represent a lack of satisfaction in your relationship

    Is your spouse happy in your relationship? If they are constantly flirting with other people, it is possible that they are seeking something they feel they aren’t getting in your relationship. This isn’t always physical – it could be attention, compliments or simply the excitement of a new person. If the passion has fizzled and the effort is lacking, it may be time to assess your relationship. When was the last time you wined and dined? If you suspect your spouse is turning to someone else to fulfil their needs, keep the spark alive and make your partner feel special with some flirting of your own. Marriage shouldn’t take the fun out of a relationship.

    It could be hurting the flirt recipients

    It takes two to tango, but the man or woman that your spouse is flirting with may be just as in the dark as you are about their intentions. If your spouse is directing their affections at the wrong person, leading them on with their risky behaviour, they could fast find themselves with a reputation as a heartbreaker or a sleaze.

    Are you worried about your husband or wife’s flirting habits? Don’t brush it off as harmless fun – stop flirting before it progresses into an affair. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, contact us today to get the answers you need.





      Psychology of Lying: How to Catch a Liar

      Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Perhaps you question whether they are spinning stories to avoid being caught out. Trust is one of the most important foundations of a relationship, and it can be a lonely and frustrating time when you doubt that trust.

      If you are living with suspicion of your partner’s behaviour but you don’t want to risk your relationship by making accusations, there are several ways to decipher whether they are telling the truth or not. Infidelity Investigators shares some common warning signals to look out for and our tips for how to tell someone is lying.

      Body Language of Liars

      Some of the most common tell-tale signs of dishonesty are evident through body language. You can pick up on whether your partner is lying or about to tell a lie by paying attention to actions such as:

      • Their head suddenly jerks, tilts or retracts
      • Their breathing becomes fast or shallow
      • Their voice becomes cracked or speech becomes stuttered or faster than usual
      • They start shaking or fidgeting
      • They are unable to look you in the eye
      • They start shuffling their feet
      • They start blinking less, or more rapidly
      • They hesitate to respond
      • They cover their mouth.

      If your partner is conveying one or more of these signals, they may be subconsciously exposing their dishonesty through their body language.

      Too Much Information

      If you ask your partner why you saw their car outside your attractive single neighbour’s home and they respond with an overly elaborate narrative of an alibi, there is a likely chance that they are telling porkies. Overcompensating and providing an unnecessary amount of detail when giving an explanation of their whereabouts or behaviour is a red flag. They may also repeat themselves as a way to convince you to believe their story, or simply out of discomfort and panic.

      Using the Volatile Conundrum Technique to Uncover a Liar

      If you want to catch your partner in the middle of a lie, you may have to dabble in a little dishonesty yourself by asking a question with the purpose of uncovering a lie or confirming their innocence. The volatile conundrum technique places your partner in a position where they have to make snap decisions. This technique enables you to test your partner’s honesty without openly accusing them of lying.

      If your husband claims he had a business meeting on the other side of town that caused him to be late home from work, you might present a volatile conundrum to see whether or not he is lying about his whereabouts. For example, you could say that you heard on the news that there was a terrible accident on the highway and no one could get through for hours, implying that he would still be stuck in traffic if he was in fact in a meeting on the other side of town.

      Now your husband is faced with a conundrum. If he confirms your story and says that he saw the accident and chose another route home, you know he is lying. The longer he hesitates to answer, the more likely it is that he is telling a lie. If he says he saw no accident, it is likely that he is telling the truth, and you can easily escape his suspicions of your question by saying you must have misheard the news.

      Do you suspect your partner of having an affair? Are you tired of living with lies and denial? Contact us today to uncover the facts and reveal the truth.




        Is your partner cheating on you? Don’t miss the warning signs!

        If you are reading this article you are already suspicious that your partner is cheating on you…

        In 2017 it is extremely rare to see an affair take place without any evidence on a digital device such as a tablet, laptop or a mobile phone. Whilst it is more common now than ever for evidence to be recorded digitally by way of communication, text message, photo etc it is also very easy to hide such interactions with apps created specifically for keeping information hidden readily available and commonly used for socialising such as Snapchat.

        The most common warning sign we see at Infidelity Investigators when clients first contact us suspicious of their spouses infidelity is the fact they are guarded with their mobile phone. It may be they start leaving their phone face down, change their pin code or in some cases even have a new device all together.

        When this occurs it is important to monitor their daily activity when they are away from the family home. When infidelity occurs there is generally a lot of lies being told about one’s where abouts and a change in routine and pattern of behaviour. The most common excuses are working late or going to the gym. Both of these excuses can be verified by conducting surveillance on your partner. If they say they are working late we can have an Agent position outside the workplace ready to follow them and see what time they leave work. If they say they are going to the gym after work we can have an Agent follow your partner from work to ensure they do in fact go to the gym after work as they say.

        Physical change in appearance or an upgrade in their wardrobe is another key point to look out for. When someone is in the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship they will be doing all they can to try and impress the new person.

        Do you ask yourself are they mentally present when at home?

        Do you find yourself talking to a brick wall?

        Are things you say to your partner not being taken seriously?

        If someone is having an affair the chances are their mind is totally consumed by the thoughts of the other person even when in the company of their long time partner. Research by medical professionals say it comes down to either guilt or just a complete lack of interest!

        The team at Infidelity Investigators are asked daily “why is my partner accusing me of cheating?”. There is no short answer however if you know that you are not cheating then you can only wonder why they are asking. Is it guilt? Studies have shown that a person having an affair can become paranoid and start to accuse their partner of doing the exact thing they are worried about getting caught doing!

        If you feel or suspect your partner of having an affair contact the trusted professionals at Infidelity Investigators on 1300 979 621 for a discreet and free phone consultation to discuss your individual situation.

        If hiring a Private Investigator is the next step we will inform you of the options available along with the costs associated. It is not too late to act, we have affordable options available for everyone!

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          Pretty young Hispanic woman sneaking and sending texts to her lover while her partner sleeps next to her

          7 Signs Of Cheating

          At Infidelity Investigators we have dealt with thousands of cases of Infidelity so knowing the warning signs are vital to planning out an investigation or surveillance operation. Below please read the 7 signs of a cheating partner:

          1) Suddenly their work hours are longer. Or are they travelling a bit more? Making excuses to be away from the home or being otherwise occupied are a big sign of infidelity.

          2) They are not mentally present. Do you find yourself chatting to someone who seems lost in their own thoughts all the time? Often a cheater will be emotionally removed from their original relationship due to guilt or a loss of interest. Some may stop noticing you altogether – you could walk around with a plastic bag over your head and they wouldn’t even realise!

          3) Are they accusing you of being guilty of infidelity or cheating on them? Often someone who is hiding an affair will become paranoid and start to accuse you of what they are hiding.

          4) Hiding or being overly secretive with their phone and email. Proof of an affair often lies within a communication device so when they create a new password, take the phone everywhere with them or become overly protective you certainly have reason to suspect infidelity.

          5) Are they putting more effort in to their appearance however not worrying whether or not it impresses you? People like to present a polished version of themselves in a new relationship taking extra time to do their hair, going to the gym and buying new clothes can also be a major sign of infidelity.

          6) A change in physical interest and intimacy is one of the first signs a partner has cheated. Studies have shown that when a male is cheating they experience an influx of testosterone which leads to an increased libido and need for sex. Therefore any major change in the frequency or nature of your sexual relationship can point towards infidelity.

          7) Excessive talk about a new person in their life. Whilst it may seem unusual they will talk to you about the person they are cheating with this is a very common sign. The individual may be so attracted to this new person in their life they cannot help but talk about them even if its to their partner whom they are cheating on. It may be a work colleague, a newly single friend or even someone they have just met in their day-to-day activities.

          Be aware of the warning signs, if you suspect your partner of cheating do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation over the phone on 1300 979 621. We can discuss your individual scenario and provide a professional recommendation on how we can help you get the evidence you require. We can guarantee 100% confidentially and discretion from the initial consultation.

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            Moving on or letting go? What to do if your spouse cheats on you.

            Most of us get married because we are head over heels in love and cannot imagine our life without this person by our side. We promise to cherish, honor, and be faithful to them and all is right in our world. We feel safe and secure in our spouse’s love wondering how we ever lived without them. We trust them completely. We can’t imagine they would be unfaithful because if we did our world would fall apart.

            Emotional turmoil

            Betrayal is one of the deepest, darkest, most hurtful things a person can do to someone they love. The intense feelings of sadness and anger alternate within you like a dangerous storm. From a torrent of tears to a flash of white hot anger, your emotions feel out of control.

            Often the person who is cheated on feels like they have done something wrong or that they somehow were not good enough. The problem does not lie with the victim, it lies with the offender. No one chooses to be cheated on but if you are the one doing the cheating, you made a choice.

            Dealing with the hurt and anger won’t be easy. However, it will be easier than the decisions you have to make now. Trying to decide if you are going to forgive the betrayal or move on without your spouse is the hard part. Either way, there is emotional pain.

            Is there a right answer?

            So, should you forgive the indiscretion? The answer is, it depends. Do you love each other and want to make it work? Are you both committed? Can you regain trust?  If the answer is yes to any of those, then forgiveness will be the only option. Without it, you will never heal and neither will the relationship. Whenever there is tension that wound will bleed again and the scar will get deeper.

            Keep in mind that forgiving is not the same as forgetting. It doesn’t make you weak. You are not pardoning the offender’s behavior and you are not saying that everything is all right. Forgiving the behavior has nothing to do with the other person, it is a gift you give to yourself. This is true whether you stay or go.

            If you can’t or won’t forgive you will carry a resentment that will continue to build like a bonfire. You will stay angry and become a bitter person. By not forgiving you allow the incident to negatively impact your personality. It changes you and not for the better.

            It is time for some straight talk with your partner. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Have they stopped all contact with this other person? According to infidelity expert Danine Manette, these are some of the questions that will help you decide if you are going to stay in the relationship.

            Other questions include:

            • Did they take responsibility for the affair or did they try to place blame elsewhere?
            • Are they still hiding things?
            • Was this the first incident?
            • Do they want to make the relationship work?
            • Will they be willing and able to offer support and understanding to you?
            • Was a child conceived from the affair?

            Forgiveness doesn’t happen in a day. It is a journey, sometimes a long one. If your marriage was on solid ground before the incident, and want the relationship to continue, then your journey to forgiveness should begin with couples counseling. A counselor can help you communicate openly and effectively and guide you down the path. You must realise though, that your relationship will never be the same. If you love each other and work hard, it can still be a great marriage and sometimes a second chance works out better than the first one.

            When you cannot stay

            There are many reasons why you would decide it was time to cut your losses and move on without your partner. Maybe your marriage wasn’t built on solid ground from the beginning, or there were other problems that made this act the final straw. Maybe they aren’t sorry and do not show regret over the incident.

            There are likely a few reasons for moving on, and sometimes the best thing to do after a tremendous loss is to stop and take your life in a different direction. Choosing to leave someone you gave your heart and soul to is heart-wrenching. Ultimately, you have to trust yourself.  If you stay, it should be because you are committed and willing to forgive. If you go it should be because the relationship has been damaged beyond repair. Either way, the path to healing will be a long one.  Only you know which path to choose.

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              How Do Private Investigators Find Information – Top Tips

              The primary job of a licensed private investigator (PI) is obtaining information, and an investigator has plenty of resources to help achieve that task. Databases that the average person is unaware of often provide a PI with facts that can help get to the bottom of a case quickly. Also, social media networks are frequently a prime source of information. People enjoy staying current with friends and family through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some people document their lives through social media apps, making it much easier for a private detective to gather information. Social networks aren’t the only resources, as there are sites many professional investigators subscribe to that contain information about a person’s net worth, for example. Blogs can also provide clues for professional sleuths, along with video and photo sharing sites. Anyone can post a video on YouTube, for example, and even the bookmarking site Pinterest can give clues about a person’s preferences and activities.

              How do private investigators work?

              Many private investigators have a background in law enforcement or the military. Others have earned a degree in criminal justice or a related field as preparation for an investigative career. Movie and TV depictions of private eyes as gumshoes who lurk in the shadows are far from the reality of a professional investigative career. Much of the work is done in the office, making phone calls and doing online research. It can be tedious work, but sometimes that’s the best way to obtain information as quickly as possible. When an investigator does have to go further afield to find information, conducting interviews and performing surveillance are other methods of getting to the bottom of an issue. Surveillance can include long stretches of waiting around for a subject to appear. Sometimes a stakeout can be as simple as taking a picture of someone going into a house or apartment, then waiting to take another photo when they emerge, noting the time in both cases. When a PI needs to follow someone’s car, one tactic used to avoid detection is working in tandem with another investigator. That way, the subject doesn’t see the same vehicle behind them the whole time. Most people are pretty oblivious to other traffic on the road, though. They’re paying attention to their driving and the cars right next to them, and they might be talking on the phone as well. Also, professional investigators are skilled at following a vehicle from a distance, keeping several cars between themselves and the person they’re tailing.

              How do private investigators find information?

              Investigators know how to access databases not available to the public, and private investigators are skilled researchers. Most private detectives also have a network of informants from all walks of life. They might be public servants with access to legally available information or just everyday people who keep an eye on what’s going on in the community. In a missing person case, how do private investigators find you? Everyone leaves a record of their activities, one way or another. Online research and phone calls aren’t as exciting as tracking a person or surreptitiously recording a conversation, but they’re valuable tools. A trained investigator can find plenty of clues to help locate an individual this way. How do private investigators get their information? Public records can provide facts that help a detective get to the bottom of a case quickly. Investigators subscribe to powerful search programs that can compile and sort legally available records of all types. Business licenses, voter registrations, and even news articles can contain valuable clues. If this method doesn’t turn up the data an investigator needs, interviews are another avenue for finding information. A seasoned PI can often build a rapport with a source that encourages them to open up and share information. When an investigator convinces a person to cooperate, their input can reveal facts that help solve the case.

              What do private investigators do to find people?

              Finding missing people, or skip tracing, is one of the services provided by a professional investigation company. Some people are missing deliberately, and they don’t want to be found. This is sometimes the case when a person has debts that they’re unable or unwilling to honour. In other situations, there’s no reasonable explanation for a person going missing, and there may even be suspicious circumstances surrounding their disappearance. A professional PI will ask for specific information from the client to help in the search for a missing person. If you’re looking for someone, be prepared to provide as many of these things as possible:
              • A photo of the missing person.
              • A list of identifying marks like scars or tattoos.
              • Their full name and address.
              • The place they were last seen.
              • Their usual schedule.
              • Contact information for friends, family and co-workers.
              Anything else you can provide to help the investigator will be useful, such as a birth or marriage certificate, a video of the missing person, or a list of medications they take. If the missing person is a child, the police should be notified immediately.

              Benefits of a Professional Investigation

              A licensed private investigator has access to sources of information that aren’t available to the average person and possesses the skills needed to put the clues together. A PI is also experienced in conducting interviews that achieve results. One of the benefits of hiring a professional investigator is having an impartial third party to record evidence and find out the facts. If you want to have a background check done on a prospective employee, need evidence in a child custody case, or are looking for a missing person, hiring a private investigator is a smart decision.
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                What Do Private Investigators Do?

                A private investigator (P.I.) is like a personal detective. Instead of following up on cases assigned by law enforcing agencies, as in a criminal investigation, private detectives conduct investigations that help ordinary people and businesses. They’re experienced at culling relevant information from public sources like government records and news articles. Private detectives also possess the interview skills needed to elicit important information that can help you achieve your goals.

                Is Working as a Private Investigator Easy?

                Like any profession, the job of a private investigator is easier if you have adequate preparation. Some private detectives learn on the job in an apprenticeship with an experienced professional investigator. A university degree is helpful but not always required by detective agencies. A degree in criminal justice or law enforcement is beneficial for learning to be an investigator, and a degree in the social sciences like psychology or sociology is also helpful. Becoming a private investigator requires dedication, and the early years of learning to be a P.I. aren’t always easy. At first, some future private detectives may have to settle for jobs like a researcher or fraud investigator for a company or public agency. Others may spend long hours in the role of surveillance employee for a detective agency before being given more responsibility. If you enjoy chasing down leads to collect information and have a knack for research, the job will seem easier because it will be a good fit for your talents.

                What Do Private Investigators Do on the Job?

                Three of the major tasks performed by private investigators are research, surveillance, and evidence gathering, including written reports. These activities can take place at any time of the day, and being a P.I. isn’t a nine-to-five sort of job. Because of the time-sensitive nature of some information, it may be necessary for a P.I. to work nights and weekends.

                What Can Private Investigators Do to Solve a Case?


                The difference between an internet search by a private citizen and a search by an investigator is partly due to the experience and skill a trained P.I. brings to online research. Private investigators also have access to internet resources and databases that the average person isn’t aware of. There’s a torrent of information on the web, and a trained researcher can narrow it down and find the parts that are useful to an investigation.


                Interviewing people is one area in which an investigator’s people skills are most useful. A private detective will talk with anyone who may be able to shed light on a case or answer a question. Experienced investigators are skilled at asking the right questions to elicit helpful answers. Interviews are recorded whenever possible, and the P.I. also takes notes about relevant parts of the conversation.


                Physical surveillance is one of the tasks that private investigators routinely perform. Sometimes, data that hasn’t surfaced after doing research and combing public records can be obtained through discreet observation. Surveillance photos and videos can also be used as evidence in a court case.

                Evidence Gathering

                Another task is to gather evidence that supports the facts uncovered by the investigator. This could include surveillance photos, audio or video files, copies of public records, news clippings, phone records, or credit card statements. The investigator will document where and how the evidence was obtained, and a reputable private investigator will only collect evidence using legal means.

                Benefits of Using a Private Investigator

                A professional investigator has the time and expertise needed to put all the pieces of a case together. A licensed P.I. conducts investigations using legal tools of the trade that aren’t readily available to a private citizen. Most private detectives spend years learning how to effectively solve cases, and they are sometimes asked to assist in legal cases and official investigations. If you have important questions, employing a P.I. is an effective way to get answers.
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                  What Can Private Investigators Legally Do?

                  A recent Adzuna search listed 2,426 openings for registered private investigators in Australia. Hiring an investigator is an excellent way to turn up information you might not be able to find on your own. Under the law, private agents such as personal investigators can search public records and find information through observation and interviews. The detailed written and audio-visual records they create are also admissible in a court of law.

                  Is private investigation legal?

                  Yes, private investigation is legal, and it’s legal to hire a private investigator. Individuals need evidence that will help them make the right decisions when it comes to relationships, business opportunities and other important areas of life. A private investigator can help search for a missing person, request payment of a debt, or locate a stolen item, among other jobs.

                  What can private investigators legally do in Australia?

                  The primary job of a private investigator (PI) is to obtain information needed by you, the client. People come to private detectives for information they need in various situations, including finding:
                  • Evidence that a partner or spouse is being unfaithful.
                  • Facts that will help in a legal proceeding.
                  • Clues that reveal a person’s character and trustworthiness.
                  • Information from a background check for employment.
                  • The location of a missing person.
                  Private investigators don’t just help individuals; they also provide valuable services for commercial and government entities. Commercial agents help root out insurance fraud, provide auxiliary evidence for law enforcement, and perform research for government agencies.

                  What are the legal restrictions for private investigative work?

                  A private investigator’s rights and restrictions are defined by law. Here are some of the things private investigators are not allowed to do in Australia:
                  • Ask law enforcement or government agencies to divulge privileged information.
                  • Impersonate a law enforcement officer.
                  • Demand personal information about an individual from a business or employer.
                  • Trespass on private property.
                  • Make an arrest.
                  • Hack a computer.
                  • Tamper with mail.
                  • Run a credit check without written permission.
                  • Operate without a license.
                  • Break the law.

                  Private Investigator Rules of Conduct

                  Besides the hard and fast rules above, private investigators are also expected to abide by a code of conduct and practice ethical behaviour. A professional private investigator can uncover a great deal of information without bending the rules. Private detectives are skilled at eliciting information through interviews, and they notice small details that would escape a casual observer. Also, people often broadcast information such as purchases, movements, friends, places of employment and more through easily accessed social media platforms. Here’s a general list of important features of the private investigator code of conduct:
                  • Be courteous and respectful to everyone you meet.
                  • Don’t involve anyone who is not a part of the investigation.
                  • Remain impartial and unbiased; stick to facts and not opinions.
                  • Only collect information that’s needed for the assignment.
                  • Don’t discuss cases or individuals with those outside the investigative agency, even using pseudonyms.
                  • Never exhibit harassing or threatening behaviour.
                  • Only charge clients for services performed.
                  • Use information appropriately and legally.
                  • Ensure that all records are current, factual and detailed.

                  Do all Private Investigators follow these rules?

                  Private investigation is a completely legal profession. However, it’s not okay to skirt the law by uncovering information using prohibited means. A reputable private detective can find the needed information without resorting to illegal activities. Over time, media exaggerations and a few unscrupulous individuals have tarnished the reputation of the private investigation field. Because licensing requirements for becoming a private detective aren’t stringent, that allows an occasional PI to slip through who has a less than stellar work ethic. However, the majority of investigators are committed to finding information swiftly and professionally while staying within the boundaries of the law.

                  Worth the Investment

                  A skilled private detective will be able to uncover a wealth of useful information to serve your best interests. The hard work behind a successful investigation is worth the cost of hiring a professional. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the initial interview. Once you’ve found the right private investigator, all you have to do is sit back and wait for answers.
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                    13 Reasons to Hire a Professional Investigator

                    For many of us, it is hard to imagine people are capable of fraud, dishonesty, and corruption. Unfortunately, there is much more to the world around us than what meets the eye. And, there are plenty of situations that call for the assistance of an individual who is an expert in determining what is really going on. The expert advice of a professional investigation company can be beneficial in various scenarios within both your personal life and your professional life. Regardless of the situation, in today’s world, it is better to be safe than sorry. And, a professional investigation company can help you get your facts straight. Here are 13 important reasons you should hire a professional investigation company:

                    They are insured.

                    During an investigation, there is the chance that a lawsuit could be filed, or something else of similar nature. Under these circumstances, insurance would be needed to cover expenses and provide assistance. A private investigation company will have the proper insurance already in place, should such a scenario arise.

                    They are properly trained in private investigations.

                    When it comes to a private investigation, there is no room for error as it could jeopardise the entire investigation. But, a private investigator is trained in finding hidden information, legally and discretely. They are also trained in the proper investigation tactics to help avoid detection and other issues that pose a threat to an investigation.

                    They are experienced in the field.

                    In some cases, the window of opportunity is only available for so long. A private investigation company has investigators who have experience making quick decisions – even in challenging working conditions.

                    They are trustworthy.

                    Especially when hearing bad news about someone, it can be hard to believe it is true. But, when you use a private investigation company, you can trust that they are an unbiased and trustworthy party who has done their job to the best of their ability. They have no reason to lie to you.

                    They are credible in the eyes of the court system.

                    What you hear through the grapevine is just hearsay, especially in a court case. But, a private investigator can act as a credible source in the eyes of the law. And, they might be the deciding factor when the jury goes to deliberate.

                    They have specialised equipment.

                    It takes a lot more than just the human ear to hear what someone is saying in a car across the street. A private investigation company already has access to GPS trackers, high definition camcorders, and various other high-tech equipment.

                    They are legally compliant.

                    Did you know that you could be doing something illegal by spying on someone during the completion of your own private investigation? You could be charged with something as serious as stalking. A private investigator is a professional who is well aware of the law and abides by it – taking the risk factor off you.

                    They are licensed.

                    Certain credentials are needed to access pieces of information and to carry out some operations. As a civilian, you probably don’t have a license to spy on your spouse’s mistress. However, a private investigation company does. They are the experts. Part of being legally compliant is holding the correct licenses.

                    They can easily go undetected.

                    In the event that you are investigating someone close to you, you would be easily recognised by them. However, the private investigator will appear just the same as any other stranger they might come in contact with. Because of their anonymity, they are able to get much closer to the person and the activities without being detected.

                    They offer actionable information collection.

                    In a private investigation, access to valuable data such as personal finances and work history can be vital to getting the answers you need. But, chances are, you don’t readily (or legally) have access to this information. However, private investigators do have the credentials to legally access necessary information for you.

                    They are objective.

                    Oftentimes, clients are looking to investigate a cheating spouse or an ex-spouse involved with questionable financial matters. Typically, these are sensitive situations in which the interested party is completely biased against the person being investigated. This can create a very sticky situation. However, the private investigator has no relationship with or to the subject, so they function as an unbiased party in the investigation. This helps to provide clear and accurate results.

                    They are affordable.

                    When you are thinking about the amount of time and the equipment necessary to complete an investigation, the costs will quickly add up. And, if you are doing the investigation yourself, it is all coming out of your own pocket. But, a private investigation company already has the necessary equipment on hand and can offer you a reasonable rate. Surveillance is usually boring, do you really want to put in 40 hours each week of surveillance for free?

                    They offer peace of mind.

                    An investigation can be grueling. But, thanks to a private investigator, you can have peace of mind that you will get the answers you deserve. Meanwhile, you can continue your normal life without the stress of having to do all the digging yourself. So, whether you need information on a potential employee or a current spouse, hiring Infidelity Investigators will save you time, money, the hassle, and possibly even legal trouble. Contact Infidelity Investigators today on 1300 979 621.
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