Covert Voice Activated Listening Device

High quality audio recording from a highly inconspicuous recorder.

The small covert listening device weighs only 7 grams. The device has many great features despite its small housing. With a high sensitivity and low noise level providing excellent audio recording in spaces from up to 12 metres. Due to its small size the device has an extremely low power consumption being able to record continuously for 9 hours. It is very user friendly with a simple slide switch to turn the device on and off.

The small covert listening device has an inbuilt software application for easy configuration and playback of audio recordings (only compatible with PC). The software has the functionality to switch on VAS (Voice Activated Systems) meaning the device will only record when it hears a voice. This setting saves space on the inbuilt memory and also saves the life of the battery.

The device has an additional program inbuilt that processes records to supress noise and improve audio quality. The option automatically transforms the audio files to text using Google Technology.

Record time: 150 hours
Battery life in record mode: up to 9 hours

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Covert Voice Activated Listening Device