Loving, Cheating, and Forgiving

When you love someone, you feel like you’re encased in a safe bubble that no-one can penetrate. You make plans with your spouse for your future and hope to achieve certain dreams together like buying a beautiful house or investing in a new business. But what happens when the one you love cheats? Can your relationship survive? Is it truly worth giving the person a second chance? Should you invest your time and energy on someone who has betrayed you or should you end the relationship and change your life forever?

Dealing with Infidelity

In today’s digital age there are many quick and easy ways for people to find partners and pursue extra-marital affairs. Whether they’re workplace romances, online romances or philanderer type affairs, they all have a negative impact on marital relationships. After discovering the facts and confronting their worst fears, both partners generally begin to panic. The cheater may either lie to the faithful partner about the facts or come clear and apologise profusely in an attempt to make amends. The victim is usually devastated, angry, and terrified as they begin to work through their emotions and grief. Most victims usually go through the same thoughts and ask similar questions over and over again which only leads to more pain when the questions are answered.

Should you Forgive and Move On?

Forgiveness generally benefits the victim more than it does the cheater. It’s easier said than done, but it certainly helps you let go of the resentment and lets you move on. You will still remember the experience no doubt, but you will no longer taste its bitterness. Many people choose to forgive their partners and stay in the same relationship even after discovering the facts. This generally happens when the cheating partner is genuinely sorry and determined to make things better. Experts say that people who are married to those who have developed a pattern of cheating are less likely to stay in the relationship. The bottom line is love is a very complicated thing that motivates people to do ridiculous things. Nobody deserves to experience any form of betrayal though. At the end of the day, you need to uncover all the facts before deciding whether you should work on the relationship or let go and start anew.

Remember forgiveness is not an emotion; it’s a decision. You choose to forgive them in order to look out for your own physical and mental health, not to let the offender off the hook. Infidelity may shatter you and your life, but forgiveness will help you move past the anger and frustration. It will let you focus on building a happier life.

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