Private Investigation Services

  • Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Have you searched for answers, only to be met with lies and denial? Are you looking to hire a private investigator to finally learn the truth? Our team of highly-trained operatives have years of experience catching cheating partners.

    At Infidelity Investigators, we understand the delicacy required in the private investigation industry. This is why we offer a personal service that is sensitive to the needs of our clients. We treat every case with the utmost respect and confidentiality, so you can be confident that all information regarding your case remains private.

    Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide a wide range of specialised and confidential private investigator services to help get you the answers you need.

    Our Private Investigator Services

    Whatever your circumstances, the professionals at Infidelity Investigators can provide an expert investigation through our many private investigator services, delivering the solid evidence you need so you can make the right decisions for your life.

  • Physical Surveillance

    Do you know where your partner is really going? Have they been working late or taking more business trips than usual? Our elite professionals and advanced surveillance techniques expose what they are really up to. We can follow your partner:

    ·       From home
    ·       From work
    ·       Into a nightclub
    ·       On a business trip.

    If you are concerned about your partner’s whereabouts, let us put your questions to rest with our physical surveillance services.

  • Background Checks

    If you’re starting up with someone new, whether in person or online, and wish to learn more about them, you can trust Infidelity Investigators to provide a thorough background check. We can reveal their:

    ·       Marital status
    ·       Rental history
    ·       Employment history
    ·       True identity.

    Get the facts before you invite potential danger or drama into your life with our in-depth background checks.

  • Spy Gadgets

    Want to take the investigating into your own hands? We have a huge range of advanced technology spy gadgets available, including:

    ·       GPS tracking devices
    ·       Listening devices
    ·       Hidden cameras
    ·       Mobile phone monitoring software.

    Get the evidence and get the answers with our state-of-the-art technology.

  • Social Media Investigations

    Don’t ignore the warning signs when it comes to social media. Spending extra time on devices, new passwords and secretive behaviour can all mean it’s time to find out what your partner is hiding from you. We offer thorough social media checks for a range of platforms, including:

    ·       Facebook
    ·       Twitter
    ·       LinkedIn
    ·       eHarmony and other dating sites
    ·       Tinder and other hook-up apps.

    In a time where digital relationships are so prevalent, you can never be too careful. Stay on top of your partner’s online activities with our discreet social media investigations.

  • Bug Sweeping / Counter Surveillance

    Are you worried that your privacy is being compromised? Do you suspect that someone has placed tracking or listening devices in your home or vehicle? Infidelity Investigators can detect even the smallest and best hidden bugs, including:

    ·       Tracking devices
    ·       Listening and recording devices
    ·       Computer monitoring software
    ·       Smartphone monitoring software.

    Feel safe in your own home again with our bug sweeping/counter surveillance services.

  • Phone Number Searches

    Do you keep seeing an unfamiliar number popping up on your partner’s phone or phone bill? Let Infidelity Investigators reveal the phone number identity with our phone number searches. We have the technology required to:

    ·       Trace a phone number to its user
    ·       Recover deleted phone activities.

    Learn once and for all what your partner is hiding with our phone number searches.

  • Data Recovery / Forensics

    Is your partner constantly deleting their text, call and internet history? Stop worrying about what they may be hiding and find out with Infidelity Investigators’ data recovery services. Our mobile device and computer forensics reveal deleted, corrupt and invisible information on devices such as:

    ·       Smartphones
    ·       iPads and tablets
    ·       Laptops
    ·       Computers
    ·       USB drives
    ·       Portable hard drives.

    Don’t settle for lies and denial – get the facts with our data recovery services.

  • Mobile Phone Data Extraction

    Ever wanted to recover invisible and deleted data from a mobile phone? We offer advanced Mobile Phone Extraction Services for our Clients Australia wide. Our technicians have the ability to extract visible and deleted data from a mobile phone within 24-48 hours.

    · Messages
    · Photos
    · Emails
    · Images and much more.

    98% of phones are compatible with our current hardware! Read more about our mobile phone data extraction service.