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Meeting someone and discovering that there’s chemistry is always an exciting experience. But if you’ve been hurt in the past, it’s normal to feel hesitant. Whether you’ve met that person online or as part of your day to day life, it’s always difficult to know whether they are who they say they are.

Using a due diligence investigation service, you can separate the lies from the truth. At Infidelity Investigators, we specialise in providing due diligence checks for prospective partners. Our background checks for clients in Australia are designed to help keep you safe. We can dig beyond public records and find information that most people would struggle to access.

What does a due diligence background check involve?

When you first meet someone, they’ll tell you a lot about themselves. Usually, this is an important part of getting to know each other. However, in some occasions, they may lie. While most people want to impress when they’re trying to win over a prospective partner, sometimes those slight exaggerations and misrepresentations grow into something more destructive.

Our due diligence background checks can separate the truth from fact. When you first contact us, we’ll ask you to tell us more about your new partner. After gaining facts from you, we’ll find out if they’re true. The overall aim is to verify what the other party is telling you.

What will you learn from our background checks?

If you’re starting to develop serious feelings for someone, looking into their background keeps you safe. Our background checks can reveal the following information:

• Their marital status

If you suspect someone is married or has lied about their marital status in some way, we can soon find out. Some records are public, whereas others require tailored investigative techniques. 

• Where they work

When someone’s employment history doesn’t add up, the financial implications could affect you too. We’ll determine whether or not they work where they say they do, and provide you with specific details of their job role.

• Their real name

Changing your name is easy in Australia. As a result, it isn’t unusual to meet someone who can legally lay claim to a name that’s different to the one they were born with. Learning someone’s previous name helps us to look into other areas of their history, including previous online presences and social media activities.

• Whether they own a property

Learning more about someone’s property ownership can help you determine whether they’re a financial risk. We can perform an in-depth search of title records to identify whether they own their property, or even to examine its worth.

• Their social media activities

It’s often the case that people show hidden sides to themselves on social media. Exploring this can help you find out more about their social circle, interests, and political affiliations.

• The benefits of a pre-relationship background check

When you’ve had a negative experience in the past, it’s natural to want to protect yourself. Our due diligence background checks come with the following benefits:

  • You can avoid scam artists
  • You can avoid married individuals
  • You protect yourself against those who intend to deceive you

Most of all, you’re able to avoid negative surprises. The world of online dating makes it easier to meet people. At the same time, it makes it easier for those people to deceive you. With our checks, you can discover hidden relationships, difficult histories and more.

Using a pre-relationship background check is also a dependable way to protect someone you love. If a loved one is entering into a serious relationship and you have doubts about the person they’re seeing, you can use our checks to reveal more about their character. At the very least, you’ll be able to reassure yourself that they’re safe. In a worst case scenario, you have the chance to protect the person you care about.

At Infidelity Investigators, our due diligence background checks are thorough and revealing. To learn more about them, call 1300 379 621. Contact us today to learn more about our background check services and uncover the truth.


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