Bug Sweep Detection and Counter Surveillance Services

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Do you get that uneasy feeling that somebody knows too much? Is there a reason why somebody would want to listen in on your communications? Then call Infidelity Investigators for a confidential bug sweeping and counter-surveillance service that will give you peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a major corporation or you think your partner is jealous, we can help. Infidelity Investigators has offices across Australia and we’ve got major offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and the Gold Coast. We have the best specialists and military-grade equipment, and we can be with you within hours to sweep for bugs. While we’re there, we can help you shore up your defences against any modern surveillance methods.

Who Needs Our TCMS Service?

Counter surveillance isn’t just for the secret service these days. Surveillance equipment is cheaper than ever and that means that everybody could be at risk. Corporate fraud costs Australian businesses $8.5 billion a year and surveillance is often the first port of call for the criminals.

That technology has trickled down, though, and now the general public can buy spying tools off eBay or Amazon for just a few dollars. So you could have a physical bug in your home, workplace or vehicle, as well as spyware on your phone, tablet or computer. It takes a moment to install and then your darkest secrets, dirty laundry or even your financial information can be recorded forever.

How our TCMS Service Work

Just make a confidential call to Infidelity Investigators and our local specialist will come to your home or workplace. We will use the latest military hardware and techniques to sweep for bugs, GPS trackers, smartphone monitors and other hidden devices. Technology means they’re getting smaller and more devious, but we’re ahead of the curve and we make sure we know where to look for the latest devices

We can jam signals and prepare evidence in case you need to take this to the police or the courts. The police simply don’t have the manpower or expertise to chase down bugs and spyware. But we can, and we’ll provide a full dossier of information that could help them put an end to the surveillance once and for all.

Software-based keystroke loggers and spyware are also on the rise and we can scan your devices for suspicious programs and help you secure your smartphone, tablet, and

computers. We can also help you secure your devices and ensure that you’re well protected against software-based attacks.

When you should call Infidelity Investigator

You won’t always know you’re being watched, but a surprising amount of our clients call us because they just have a gut feeling something is off. You would be amazed at how often they are right.

There are some giveaways, though, that you should watch out for. They include:

  • Interference on your phone, or even your TV.
  • Unusual patterns when you’re dialling out or receiving calls, especially when you’re connecting to your voicemail.
  • You see someone interfering with your car, home or personal belongings.
  • Somebody reveals something that they just shouldn’t know.

These are just a few red flags that you should pay attention to, especially if you know that somebody has a reason to pry into your private and commercial life. If you deal with sensitive information, or you simply want to be sure, then there really is only one way to guarantee a bug-free life. A number of clients opt for regular sweeps of their home, vehicles, and workplace, just for the peace of mind.

Give Infidelity Investigators a call right now, and we’ll get to work exterminating the bugs.