Bug Sweep Detection and Counter Surveillance Services

If you think your privacy has been compromised, trust Infidelity Investigators to protect your confidentiality with our bug sweeping and counter surveillance services. If you suspect you are being tracked or your phone activities monitored, our skilled team of technicians can help you feel safe again.

With spy products so easily accessed online, the scary reality is that anyone can place a bug or hidden camera within a vehicle or residence. We offer a fully trained and skilled team of technicians who conduct bug sweeps to protect the privacy of clients all around Australia.

How Our Bug Sweeping and Counter Surveillance Works

Specialised and highly-advanced equipment is required to find small transmitting devices in the most unsuspecting places. Infidelity Investigators has state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to find:

·       GPS tracking devices
·       Listening and audio recording devices
·       Hidden cameras and video recording devices
·       Smartphone monitoring software.

With the discreet devices that are available on the market, a search you do on your own just can’t guarantee your safety. Our professional technicians detect all spy gadgets in your home or vehicle so you can proceed with confidence.

Is Our Bug Sweeping and Counter Surveillance Service Right For You?

Do you have an eerie feeling that you are being watched, followed or listened to? Are you feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in your own home? Infidelity Investigators can detect bugs and other devices anywhere, including:

·       In your home
·       In your workplace
·       In your vehicle.

If you sense your privacy is being breached, don’t wait any longer to take action and reclaim your right to discretion.

Don’t live in fear that your every move is being watched. Contact us today to learn more about our bug sweeping and counter surveillance service.