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Counter Surveillance Services

Giving You Peace of Mind

Do you suspect that someone is watching you? When a friend, relative, or partner appears to know more than they should, it feels disconcerting. Suspicious partners are especially likely to try surveillance. From listening in to your conversations to tracking your social media activities, there are lots of tactics they can try. It’s no longer the case that surveillance is expensive. Thanks to the emergence of low-cost tracking devices, unwarranted monitoring is on the rise.

One way to settle your concerns is with a bug sweep and counter surveillance service. At Infidelity Investigators, we carry out bug sweeps for our clients. Our service is completely confidential. Whether you suspect you’re being listened to at work or you feel as though your partner is spying on you, we’re here to help. With our approach, you’ll maintain your privacy and enjoy peace of mind.

Signs you need a bug sweep 

When you’re leading a hectic lifestyle, it’s sometimes difficult to remember what you have and haven’t said to a person. However, when someone appears to know more about your life than you would ever reveal, you might need a bug sweep detection service.

Some common signs that a bug sweep is necessary:

  • Someone knows more details than you would reasonably give them
  • An ex-partner is turning up at the places you visit
  • A competitor knows about your business secrets
  • You’re working on sensitive projects at home
  • You notice unusual interference with your phone or TV signal
  • You hear clicking noises when you’re talking in your car

Sometimes, you may just have a gut feeling. A sudden shift in your relationship dynamics can also act as a big indicator. Whatever your rationale, using a bug sweep detection service helps to guard your privacy. The worst that can happen is that you find out nothing was wrong in the first place.

Electronic monitoring is easier than ever

Although there was once a time when listening to someone’s conversations was expensive, that’s no longer the case. Devices are now easy to access, easy to use, and low-cost. As a result, almost anybody can try to listen to you.

Similarly, installing spyware on a person’s phone is easier than ever. It’s natural to want your conversations to remain private, especially when they can be taken out of context. In addition to tapping into your conversations, phone spyware reveals financial transactions, medical appointments, and more.

With our bug detection service, we’ll reveal bugs in your home, office, and car. We’ll also remove them and help you regain your privacy. Our expert team will also look at your phone to find the traces of spyware. Once we have our findings, we’ll provide you with a full and comprehensive report.

Using counter surveillance to protect yourself

Finding out that someone may be watching you is unsettling. You may not want to alert them to the fact that you know. In such cases, using counter surveillance proves useful.

The aim of counter surveillance is to detect unlawful and unwarranted monitoring. This can be as simple as looking for hidden video surveillance cameras, recording equipment, and other such devices. Additionally, we can use white noise to disrupt recording devices and other techniques that may distract the person monitoring you.

Our physical surveillance team is also adept at recognising the devices used to track a person. With their experience, they can identify hidden tools where you live and where you work. You may also want to use our physical surveillance team to unearth signs that someone is monitoring you.

How our bug sweeps and counter surveillance work

Your journey with us starts with a confidential call. We’ll take as much information as we can and perform our investigation using the details you give to us. Our team will then visit you at your home or place of work. We use military-grade technologies to identify bugs, video surveillance, and mobile phone spyware.

After presenting you with our findings, we can take steps to protect you. If we find spyware on your phone, we’ll help you secure it and protect yourself against further installations. Additionally, if we find surveillance devices around your home, we can stop them so that the signals no longer transmit. Our team can also provide you with information on what steps you need to take. For example, we’ll let you know whether it’s necessary to change any passwords or restrict access to apps.

At Infidelity Investigators, our aim is to help you live a bug-free life. You deserve your privacy as much as anybody else and we’re here to help you maintain it.

If you suspect that someone is spying on you, our counter surveillance techniques will keep you safe, and we’ll ensure your secrets remain secret. To learn more, call 1300 979 621.


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