With social media so prominent these days surveillance and investigations based on online suspicions and discoveries is becoming more common. When Rachael was browsing Tinder (an online dating application) and came across her friends partner’s (Tom) page she was quite surprised. Rachael’s friend had been in a relationship with Tom for years and they appeared happy at social events. Rachael didn’t think Tom was the type of guy to even consider cheating.

Rather than upsetting her friend over nothing Rachael engaged our services to investigate just how serious this dating profile was and if there was more to it. Our social media team launched a detailed inquiry in to the Tinder profile and various other related dating profiles. We established that Tom had been quite active on numerous dating platforms whilst his partner had no idea. We were able to find two other linked profiles that he set up under different names.

Rachael presented our report to her friend who was completely shocked to find out this information. When she approached Tom he confessed to everything and whilst he promised to never do it again the years of deception were too much to forgive and they went their separate ways. 

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*