7 Signs Of Cheating

At Infidelity Investigators we have dealt with thousands of cases of Infidelity so knowing the warning signs are vital to planning out an investigation or surveillance operation. Below please read the 7 signs of a cheating partner:

1) Suddenly their work hours are longer. Or are they travelling a bit more? Making excuses to be away from the home or being otherwise occupied are a big sign of infidelity.

2) They are not mentally present. Do you find yourself chatting to someone who seems lost in their own thoughts all the time? Often a cheater will be emotionally removed from their original relationship due to guilt or a loss of interest. Some may stop noticing you altogether – you could walk around with a plastic bag over your head and they wouldn’t even realise!

3) Are they accusing you of being guilty of infidelity or cheating on them? Often someone who is hiding an affair will become paranoid and start to accuse you of what they are hiding.

4) Hiding or being overly secretive with their phone and email. Proof of an affair often lies within a communication device so when they create a new password, take the phone everywhere with them or become overly protective you certainly have reason to suspect infidelity.

5) Are they putting more effort in to their appearance however not worrying whether or not it impresses you? People like to present a polished version of themselves in a new relationship taking extra time to do their hair, going to the gym and buying new clothes can also be a major sign of infidelity.

6) A change in physical interest and intimacy is one of the first signs a partner has cheated. Studies have shown that when a male is cheating they experience an influx of testosterone which leads to an increased libido and need for sex. Therefore any major change in the frequency or nature of your sexual relationship can point towards infidelity.

7) Excessive talk about a new person in their life. Whilst it may seem unusual they will talk to you about the person they are cheating with this is a very common sign. The individual may be so attracted to this new person in their life they cannot help but talk about them even if its to their partner whom they are cheating on. It may be a work colleague, a newly single friend or even someone they have just met in their day-to-day activities.

Be aware of the warning signs, if you suspect your partner of cheating do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation over the phone on 1300 979 621. We can discuss your individual scenario and provide a professional recommendation on how we can help you get the evidence you require. We can guarantee 100% confidentially and discretion from the initial consultation.




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