Social Media Private Investigators and Background Checks for Business in Australia

Do you suspect your spouse of engaging in unfaithful behaviour via social media, secret online dating profiles or sneaky smartphone messaging apps? Infidelity Investigators can provide the answers you need with our social media background checks.

In this day and age, it has never been easier to develop private connections and secret relationships through various social media platforms. And it’s scary how simple it is to keep these affairs hidden – even from a partner. As social networking has increased in popularity, the rate of affairs has also risen, which is why we offer social media investigations for our clients.

How Our Social Media Background Checks Work

Infidelity Investigators uses advanced searching techniques to offer our clients comprehensive social media investigation reports. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to search through various sites and apps, including:

·       Facebook
·       Twitter
·       LinkedIn (vital for suspected office affairs)
·       eHarmony and other dating sites
·       Tinder and other hook-up apps.

Have you ever tried to hack into your partner’s social media accounts or search through dating websites, only to find nothing? Our social media investigation professionals have a proven track record of discovering and exposing the hard-to-find information, so you can take control of your relationship backed with cold hard facts.

Is a Social Media Investigation the Right Service for You?

If you suspect your partner is having a social media affair, our investigators will uncover the truth or put your mind at ease. We particularly recommend this service if your partner:

·       Is constantly checking their online accounts
·       Is secretive with their devices
·       Suddenly has password-protection on their phone and computer
·       Has friends or followers online that you are unfamiliar with
·       Is constantly deleting their call, text and internet history.

Once you identify suspicious behaviours like these, the internal questions begin, eating away at you until you learn the truth. Infidelity Investigators can help you find out the facts and get on with your life – one way or the other.

Contact us today to organise a professional and confidential social media background check.