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The rise of social media has come with many perks. You can connect with people around the world, update your family on your life, and check out events in your local community. Unfortunately, it also comes with downsides. Cheating spouses can use social media to their advantage. With our social media investigations, you can catch them in the act

Why you might need a social media investigation?

Social media sites are prime catalysts for affairs. They make it easier for people to reach out to one another, without exchanging phone numbers. If your spouse is displaying the following behaviours, they may be using social networks to conduct an affair:

  • Using a passcode on their phone when they didn’t before
  • Refusing to leave their phone near you
  • Spending more time on their phone
  • Their Last Seen status is becoming more frequent
  • They often delete their call, text, and Internet history

You may try to log into their social media profiles to see what’s going on. However, this could result in you leaving a trace and they’ll go to greater lengths to hide their activities. As private investigators, we can conduct a social media investigation for you.

Investigations deliver peace of mind

It’s important to recognise that social media investigations can provide peace of mind too. If it emerges that your partner is innocent, you can relax. Our team is always thorough. We’re also always candid. When you receive a report from us, you know no stone has been left unturned.

What you will learn from our background checks?

Our private investigators have the tools and skills that many people lack. Their approach to social media background checks is thorough and focuses on unearthing hidden information you cannot find. We’re able to tackle a range of social media sites, including:

  • Facebook
  • Tinder
  • Linkedin
  • Dating websites
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

After the social media background check is complete, we’ll provide you with our findings. You may decide to move onto a court case if you and your spouse breakup. Some of the information we find could prove useful in a custody battle. Our social media background checks are thorough. They help you regain control of your relationship. They give you clarity.

Can a social media private investigator look at employees?

As an employer, you can find out a lot about your staff via social media sites. Using a private investigator proves useful during the hiring process. We can find information about prospective staff. For example, any affiliations they have that could bring your company into disrepute.

Using information from social media, you can make better hiring decisions. Social media background screening also keeps your company safe. In certain industries, such as aviation, you can’t risk hiring unstable individuals. With our background investigation, you’ll reveal all you need to know about your prospective new hires.

A social media private investigator can also help you find out more when an employee is acting suspiciously. For example, you may believe that an employee is taking too many sick days. Anti-discrimination laws protect employees in such instances. However, if their social media reveals they’re not unwell, you could have grounds to deal with the matter formally.

Meeting your legal requirements

When you need information that will stand up in court, you need a team that knows what to look for. Each social media background check is carried out in accordance with proper conduct. Our approach ensures the information you receive is gathered legally. Thanks to our professional approach, all the information we gather is authentic. None of it is ambiguous.

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