Data Recovery and Forensics

Do you have suspicions? Your significant other’s behaviour has changed, particularly regarding his or her phone and computer, so much so that they have become secretive and almost paranoid. This and other signs point to a problem.

Infidelity Investigators has a team dedicated to data recovery services, who know how to access a broad range of computer and phones. If your significant other has a secret, we can find it. The techniques used to deceive you will not fool our forensic investigators. 

He or she may or may not be having an affair or it could be another serious issue, such as a secret gambling problem. We may also find innocent and explainable reasons for the behaviour. Regardless, you need to know, and we can help you find out. 

Anywhere you’re based in Australia, Infidelity Investigators can help you get the answers that you deserve.

Signs That Your Partner May Be Keeping Secrets

What signs often point to problems? Check out the below list that could mean that he or she has hidden digital evidence.

  • A phone once always in plain view is now found in inconvenient places
  • All traces of SMS and MMS have gone missing
  • He or she has deleted the call lists
  • Odd phone numbers suddenly show up on the bill
  • Suspicious behaviour when he or she gets a call or text
  • Suddenly spending more time on social media
  • Acts nervous when you have his or her phone
  • Codes and passwords are implemented and/or changed

A cheating partner will often exhibit these actions or other behaviours when using a device to communicate with someone they shouldn’t be. If you see these behaviours, trust your gut. Call for help. Infidelity Investigators’ experienced data recovery experts will help to uncover the facts so that you can make the right decisions about your partner and your relationship.

Why You Need a Forensic Investigator

Ideally, every relationship has trust and honesty. In a perfect world, you could discuss worries with your partner. However, if he or she has hidden an affair, or some other kind of destructive behaviour, your reasonable questions will simply tip them off. They will change their methods and perhaps become even more devious.

You still do not know for sure if your partner has been completely honest with you. Only the full story will give you a chance to make decisions about your future.

Our experts in forensic data recovery have years of experience, often with law enforcement. Our expertise in forensics and data recovery can find the truth and put your mind at ease. 

They may think that they erased all traces. We will find them.

How Our Forensic Data Recovery Services Work

Our team of forensic investigators bring knowledge and proven techniques to the job.

We use software to recover key files and other data. Most people think that deleting information makes it disappear. We know how to dig deep into systems to find traces of evidence that can add up to a picture of the truth. Deleted search histories, phone calls, text messages and other information may be recoverable.

The Infidelity Investigators forensic services team also knows social media.. Often we will find evidence of layers of screen names and identities that they think have covered their tracks. Wherever he or she has visited online, we will track it. Whatever he or she has done, we will uncover and reveal it. 

Devices Which Our Forensics Investigators Can Recover Data

Our team can locate digital evidence on a variety of devices. We have specific expertise on all of the most popular systems and devices. These include:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android mobile devices
  • Android tablets
  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • USB drives
  • Portable hard drives

Our team has the experience required to get results. The forensic experts at Infidelity Investigators, many of whom have law enforcement experience, will dig deep and find the truth.

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