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Is your partner suddenly working late most nights? Are they taking weekend business trips more often than usual? Are their electronic devices off limits to you? If your partner’s change in routine and behaviour has you suspicious, you need to get our private investigators in Canberra on your team.

Infidelity Private Investigators are government licensed and accredited to perform investigations and surveillance. Our team of elite operatives consist of male and female detectives of all ages and backgrounds, so we can easily blend into any environment necessary.

We remain unnoticed while documenting your partner’s every move – from their home, work or even on a night on the town – as we compile evidence to support our case.

Private Investigators Canberra

In this day and age, there are endless opportunities for your partner to create connections with another person. It’s scary how easy it is to maintain secret relationships through current technology and social media platforms. This is why we have the equipment and technicians required to expose your partner’s secrets, even if they have been long erased from their devices!

With our broad range of services, such as physical surveillancedata recoveryphone number searches and mobile phone data extraction, your partner’s secrets won’t stay hidden for long.

You can trust our personal and professional service to support you through difficult times.

Highly Advanced Technology

If you want to uncover the truth without hiring a private investigator in Canberra, you will need to be equipped with all the technology required to capture solid evidence. When taking matters into your own hands, it is important to be prepared with the correct equipment. Spy gadgets such as our spy voice recorder, tracking devices and smartphone monitoring software help you to find answers on your own.

Confidential and Discreet

There is nothing more important to Infidelity Private Investigators than your privacy. We treat each and every case with respect and confidentiality following strict company policies to protect your privacy. We understand that the cost of a personal investigator may raise the suspicions of your partner, so we offer discreet payment options to help you keep your suspicions quiet.

Do you want to know once and for all if your partner is having an affair? You’ve got nothing to lose (except your constant wondering). Call us now on 1300 979 621 or email for your free and confidential enquiry.

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