Physical Surveillance

Do you suspect your partner of having an affair? Tired of wondering whether there is truth to your suspicions or if you’re just being paranoid? Infidelity Investigators puts your questions to rest with our physical surveillance services.

Our elite operatives use the most advanced equipment and technology available to secure the most accurate results so you can get the answers you are looking for, backed with solid evidence. If you’re concerned about where your partner is really going, get the experts at Infidelity Investigators on your team to find out.

How Our Physical Surveillance Services Work

After a confidential conversation with our client, we plan an investigation. Once the strategy has been finalised, we use the art of covert surveillance to obtain evidence by following and recording the subject in any environment they may end up. We can follow your partner:

·       From home
·       From work
·       Into a nightclub
·       On a business trip.

Whatever the scenario, our surveillance techniques and highly-trained team at Infidelity Investigators are well-equipped to deal with the situation.

Is Physical Surveillance the Right Service for You?

Has your partner suddenly made changes to their usual routine? Are they acting unusual and raising suspicions with their erratic behaviour? It’s time to take action if your partner:

·       Is coming home late from work
·       Is suddenly taking weekend business trips
·       Is spending more time and effort on their appearances
·       Is making excuses to leave the house by themselves
·       Suddenly becomes busy and unable to answer your calls or texts after work
·       Is secretive with their mobile phone and other devices.

Just one of these unusual changes in behaviour can be a big red flag. Don’t drive yourself crazy waiting for things to fall apart – take control of the situation and get answers with our physical surveillance.

Contact us today to learn more about our discreet physical surveillance services. For even further surveillance, you won’t miss a thing with our tracking devices and other spy gadgets.