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Infidelity Private Investigators specialise in cases of infidelity and cheating.


Our private detectives know how to catch a cheating spouse.

We are the only private investigation agency that can offer such an efficient nationwide service whilst providing quality results for all our clients!

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Is your partner cheating on you?

Our team of private investigators are well equipped to handle the toughest of cases when it comes to cheating partners and cases of infidelity.

Are you seeking peace of mind? Even if you notice the warning signs of infidelity, your suspicion may be wrong. Revealing the truth will make your life easier and restore your piece of mind. The conjectures will stop driving you crazy and your sleepless nights will be over.

Hiring a private investigator is the best way to catch a cheating partner. We offer our professional help to spouses in which infidelity and cheating has or is occurring. Our team of Private Investigators are well equipped to handle the toughest of cases when it comes to cheating partners and cases of infidelity.

Our cheating partner detectives have years of experience in the field conducting physical surveillance (following people) and dealing with clients in distressing situations. This has enabled us to develop systems, processes and procedures with a proven track record of providing high quality and satisfactory results for our clients. Our private investigators utilise the latest spy gadgets and technology to remain discreet and go unnoticed while catching a cheating spouse.

Do you suspect that your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend may be cheating?

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and discretion for all of our valued clients. Hire a private detective to expose cheating now! Call us on 1300 979 621 and get a free consultation with an experienced and trusted Private Investigator from the team at Infidelity Investigators Australia.

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Be aware of the warning signs!

Have you recently noticed that your partner is coming home late from work?
Are they spending more time on their appearance and presentation?
Is your partner protective and secretive of their phone, computer or iPad?

These are just a few of the many warning signs we regularly encounter in cases of infidelity.

If you are unsure how Infidelity Investigators can help with your suspicions feel free to read stories from our previous cases page to get an understanding of how we operate.

Are you interested in purchasing spy gadgets? We supply quality spy products including GPS Tracking Devices, Mobile Phone Monitoring Software and Covert Voice Activated Listening Devices to clients Australia wide!

Orders can be placed by email to or by phone 1300 979 621

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Client Stories

Infidelity Investigators was contacted by a woman from Melbourne with suspicions her spouse was committing acts of infidelity.

Due to text messages she had come across and the fact that her husband seemed to be taking extra care of his physical appearance, she decided to contact us to arrange an investigation scheduled for when he was away on a two-day work conference in Sydney.

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