Flirting When Married: Harmless Fun or Road to Ruin?

Is flirting when married just a bit of innocent fun or a gateway to an affair? While we may all be guilty of a friendly flirt with an old friend or playful banter with a stranger on a boozy night out, flirting shouldn’t be dismissed as harmless fun.

Perhaps your married man is flirting with an attractive co-worker, for example. You may brush if off as an exciting way to pass the workday or a flattering boost to the ego, but even innocent flirting can be a slippery slope to dangerous territory.

So, when does flirting become cheating? What are the warning signals? Is your partner’s flirting a sign of an affair on the horizon? In this post, we shed some light on why all flirting is a red flag.

It could be a warning sign that there’s more going on

Whether you have noticed your spouse batting their lashes at a friend, colleague, ex or even just someone they cross paths with during their daily activities (hello, cute barista), this behaviour is possibly a sign that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. Flirting is often the first stepping stone to cheating. If your husband or wife is getting a little too friendly with another man or woman, whether it be in person, via text message or online, there is a chance that there is something going on between them, or they might be close to stepping over the line.

A new friendship could lead to emotional cheating

If your spouse is suddenly spending a lot of time with a new person, confiding in them and forging a friendship, it is possible they will develop romantic feelings for one another. Even if they have control over their physical desires, emotional cheating is just as damaging to a marriage. A new intense friendship can sometimes point to signs of an ulterior motive, especially if your partner is secretive about the relationship.

It could represent a lack of satisfaction in your relationship

Is your spouse happy in your relationship? If they are constantly flirting with other people, it is possible that they are seeking something they feel they aren’t getting in your relationship. This isn’t always physical – it could be attention, compliments or simply the excitement of a new person. If the passion has fizzled and the effort is lacking, it may be time to assess your relationship. When was the last time you wined and dined? If you suspect your spouse is turning to someone else to fulfil their needs, keep the spark alive and make your partner feel special with some flirting of your own. Marriage shouldn’t take the fun out of a relationship.

It could be hurting the flirt recipients

It takes two to tango, but the man or woman that your spouse is flirting with may be just as in the dark as you are about their intentions. If your spouse is directing their affections at the wrong person, leading them on with their risky behaviour, they could fast find themselves with a reputation as a heartbreaker or a sleaze.

Are you worried about your husband or wife’s flirting habits? Don’t brush it off as harmless fun – stop flirting before it progresses into an affair. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, contact us today to get the answers you need.




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