Is your partner cheating on you? Don’t miss the warning signs!

If you are reading this article you are already suspicious that your partner is cheating on you…

In 2017 it is extremely rare to see an affair take place without any evidence on a digital device such as a tablet, laptop or a mobile phone. Whilst it is more common now than ever for evidence to be recorded digitally by way of communication, text message, photo etc it is also very easy to hide such interactions with apps created specifically for keeping information hidden readily available and commonly used for socialising such as Snapchat.

The most common warning sign we see at Infidelity Investigators when clients first contact us suspicious of their spouses infidelity is the fact they are guarded with their mobile phone. It may be they start leaving their phone face down, change their pin code or in some cases even have a new device all together.

When this occurs it is important to monitor their daily activity when they are away from the family home. When infidelity occurs there is generally a lot of lies being told about one’s where abouts and a change in routine and pattern of behaviour. The most common excuses are working late or going to the gym. Both of these excuses can be verified by conducting surveillance on your partner. If they say they are working late we can have an Agent position outside the workplace ready to follow them and see what time they leave work. If they say they are going to the gym after work we can have an Agent follow your partner from work to ensure they do in fact go to the gym after work as they say.

Physical change in appearance or an upgrade in their wardrobe is another key point to look out for. When someone is in the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship they will be doing all they can to try and impress the new person.

Do you ask yourself are they mentally present when at home?

Do you find yourself talking to a brick wall?

Are things you say to your partner not being taken seriously?

If someone is having an affair the chances are their mind is totally consumed by the thoughts of the other person even when in the company of their long time partner. Research by medical professionals say it comes down to either guilt or just a complete lack of interest!

The team at Infidelity Investigators are asked daily “why is my partner accusing me of cheating?”. There is no short answer however if you know that you are not cheating then you can only wonder why they are asking. Is it guilt? Studies have shown that a person having an affair can become paranoid and start to accuse their partner of doing the exact thing they are worried about getting caught doing!

If you feel or suspect your partner of having an affair contact the trusted professionals at Infidelity Investigators on 1300 979 621 for a discreet and free phone consultation to discuss your individual situation.

If hiring a Private Investigator is the next step we will inform you of the options available along with the costs associated. It is not too late to act, we have affordable options available for everyone!




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