The Cycle of Cheating in a Relationship

Experts say that the chances of infidelity in a relationship are as high as 25 percent. Many research studies try to reveal the prevalence of infidelity in society. While some studies suggest that half of all people in a relationship cheat, others suggest that people who cheat once are 3 ½ times more likely to cheat in other relationships as well. Sadly, there are real people behind these statistics, some who are more likely to be betrayed by their partners again. Infidelity shatters people and leaves them feeling alone and angry. So why does this cycle of infidelity happen and how can you break it?

The Truth about Cheating in a Relationship

Researchers have been trying to understand how people “process infidelity.” They believe that couples need to become more realistic about the viability of maintaining a monogamous relationship. Although the rates of cheating in society haven’t changed much, the opportunities for finding partners have grown because of the Internet. Social media networking and dating sites have made it much easier for people to fall out of their long term committed relationships. Cheating victims, therefore, need to know how to pick the right partner and break the cycle of infidelity. As for married victims, they need to find out what’s causing their partner to cheat on them repeatedly.

Breaking the Cycle of Infidelity:

  • Engage your head before you fall in love with someone.
  • If you’re looking for dating partners online, do a background check on a potential partner to verify their authenticity.
  • Hire a private investigator to determine whether the person you’re interested in is who they say they are. Investigators can uncover hidden facts about the subject’s past and give you the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • If you’re married and doubting your husband, ask the professionals to investigate the matter. Investigators have highly sophisticated spy gadgets and know how to follow subjects even after dark discreetly. They’ll give you the evidence you require to break the cycle of infidelity.
  • Look for clues or signs of infidelity in your relationship. Your partner may be reluctant to share their phones or devices. They may even register for a separate credit card to satisfy their extramarital appetite.
At Infidelity Investigators, we have helped many people find out whether their partners were unfaithful to them. We understand the delicate nature of these personal matters and know how to handle them discreetly and professionally. If you’re tired of dealing with doubt and anxiety in your relationship, get our help. Call us at 1300 979 621 for a private conversation.



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