Cheating on the Rise with the Festive Season

With the holidays, festivities, and warmer weather quickly approaching, your to-do list is probably growing with things to fix at the house before family arrives, gifts to buy, and new recipes to try. Or, maybe you are excited to finally get some time off work to travel and catch up on your sleep. You are working hard to finish those year-end projects at the office, so your mind stays pretty preoccupied with thoughts. Probably the last thought on your mind is the possibility that your significant other might be cheating on you. You know that you’ve been busy and that the romance has fallen off the radar, but you would never consider they would go looking for love in all the wrong places during all the wrong times. But, unfortunately, it is something you should keep in mind as cheating is always on the rise during the festive season. As the warmer weather comes on, the clothes might just start coming off. Now, more than ever, you might just need a private investigator to check up on the credibility of that holiday shopping your significant other claims to be doing. Why is cheating on the rise during the holidays? One of the main reasons that people overlook cheating during the holidays is because they are simply too busy to notice a difference. Why exactly is it that so many people decide to cheat during the holidays anyway? They feel ignored. Feeling ignored often stems from the craziness of the holidays and everyone is busy. However, they could be feeling this way all the time and it just increases during the festive season as life gets even busier. But, when someone feels ignored, in turn, their needs are not being met. And, if their needs are not being met, then they need to go somewhere else to get that attention.

They don’t like how they are being treated.

Aside from not having their needs met, one of the most common reasons for someone cheating is that they are unhappy. They might feel disrespected or like their partner nags them too much. But, regardless of what it is they don’t like, they will often seek someone who does not make them feel this way. So, while you are focussed on your long list of to-do’s, you might unknowingly be extra moody when you are around your partner, causing them to feel like they are walking on egg shells. And, unfortunately, this could lead them to participate in unwanted extracurricular activities, such as cheating.

They are unhappy.

Being unhappy is what it all boils down to – their needs are not being met, they don’t like how they are being treated, and so, they are just unhappy. Or, it could even be because of another issue, but the holidays are just reminding them of how unhappy they are. As they see everyone laughing and enjoying their relationships and their families, they are reminded that they still want something more.

They are easily tempted.

During the warmer weather, the clothing choices of people does not often consist of big sweaters and scarfs. Instead, it consists more of tank tops and short shorts. As a result of less clothing, people might find themselves more tempted to look a little further than a first glance. The warmer months also bring out the best in people – they find themselves happier and more social, therefore more likely to mingle with new people. A backyard cookout, pool party, or late night hang-out might go a little further than expected during the warmer months. Cheating often happens when you least expect it to. Even though you are busy during the festive season, watch out for signs that something could be wrong and know when it is time to enlist the help of a private detective who specialises in catching cheaters.



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