Infidelity Investigators were contacted by Bianca and her brother James who had both noticed their mother, Teresa, acting suspiciously of late. Whilst they were no longer living at home their father had mentioned that she was going out two to three nights a week and sprucing herself up more often than usual. He had also noted she seemed happier and more energetic.

With this information and the knowledge that their mothers first love from high school had recently moved back to town Bianca and James contacted us and together we generated a plan. Teresa said she would be out on both Friday and Saturday night of the following weekend with friends so we organised for our operatives to follow her from mid-afternoon on both days to see where she went and who with. Our clients had provided us an image of the man from Facebook they thought she may be seeing so we could identify him if necessary. Teresa got in a taxi on Friday night from her home in Sydney’s hills district and travelled to a male’s home in Sydney’s western suburbs. The male was positively identified as her first love. He greeted her at the door with a romantic embrace. They stayed in, had food delivered and kissed goodbye at the door at 11:20pm. On the Saturday night, an hour after Teresa arrived at his home in Sydney’s western suburbs via taxi they walked out, hand in hand, looking slightly disheveled and drove to a bar in Darling Harbour where they had a few cocktails. They moved on to a romantic dinner and kissed throughout. At the end of the night Teresa departed company with the male and got into a taxi from Darling Harbour. Teresa went home alone for the night. 

When Bianca and James presented this information to their father he was reportedly heartbroken and in disbelief. After many years of marriage this is not what he had expected however it did explain why Teresa was putting more effort in to her appearance and why she was so happy. With her happiness in mind, Teresa’s husband told her he knew about the affair and suggested they part ways so that she could continue to be happy and he could move on with his life.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*