A male client, Michael, contacted us with concerns about his girlfriend, who was aged in her late twenties and had plans to go out clubbing in the Melbourne CBD on a Saturday night with some friends of hers that were known to him socially. Michael was aware that these girls could get a bit wild on nights out and held quite a bit of influence over his girlfriend as he had seen it numerous times before on nights out as a group.

To put his mind at ease Michael engaged our services. We selected two operatives that blended in to the Melbourne clubbing scene and observed his partner to act as Michael had hoped. She did not fraternize with any males despite her friends doing so. Michael was very relieved at these results.

A couple of months later the same group of girls were going out again and whilst his girlfriend had done nothing wrong the first time, he still had his concerns and again he engaged Infidelity Investigators to keep a discrete and watchful eye. We were in regular contact with Michael to keep him up to date and it wasn’t until 1am that there was something out of the ordinary to report –  whilst in a bar with her friends, Michael’s girlfriend started to kiss an unknown male. This continued for 15 minutes until they entered a disabled bathroom together. Our Operatives observed the Subject and the unknown male emerge from the cubicle a short time later. The Subject continued drinking with friends and left the establishment alone in a taxi.

All of this information was relayed back to Michael soon after it happened and with that information in hand he told us he was on his way to her apartment to end their relationship immediately.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*