The Infidelity Investigators team were contacted by a male client in Sydney who was informed by a close friend that his partner was working in a well known strip club. During the initial phone consultation, the client informed the Private Investigator that they have tried sending other companies into the premises however they failed to obtain high quality video in an environment with limited and difficult lighting. Infidelity Investigator’s agent ensured the client that we have the required equipment to obtain evidence in a strip club/night club and proceeded to the briefing stage of the investigation.

A surveillance team of 2 agents were deployed into the strip club and it was quickly established that the clients partner was working. Our team of surveillance agents used a custom covert camera system to record the female as she was working on stage and performing for patrons within the venue.

Whilst inside the venue the agents also gathered evidence of the female used in marketing material that was posted along the walls of the club.

The client was very pleased with the surveillance footage provided and was able to take the necessary steps to move on with his life.