Greg had recently sat down with his accountant to finalise his end of year tax. During the process Greg had printed his families phone bills for the previous 12 months. Whilst sitting down with the accountant going through the yearly expenses Greg noticed an unusual amount of text messages and phone calls to a specific phone number on the phone bill from his wife’s phone number. Greg did a few searches of his own and was not able to identify who owned the number. Not wanting to confront his long time wife with his findings Greg immediately contacted the Sydney team at Infidelity Private Investigators. Greg sent through the phone number to one of our agents via email and the investigation was commenced.

Our team conducted a mobile phone number investigation and quickly established the person’s full name, address and social media presence.

Greg was updated with the results of the investigation and provided further instructions to complete a social media investigation with the name and profiles we had found.

The social media investigation was completed and the findings were very surprising for Greg. There were numerous posts on the individuals Facebook and Instagram profiles that placed the person of interest in the same place as Greg’s wife when she was supposedly on trips away for work.

We supplied our findings in a report to Greg who sat down with his wife and confronted her about the alleged affair.