Infidelity Private Investigators were contacted by Melissa from Sydney. She was concerned upon seeing her mother’s credit card statement with charges from an unknown website. These charges were recurring for several months already.

During the consultation with our Private Investigators, Melissa revealed that her Mum does not know how to go online and purchase anything as she is not tech-savvy at all and does not have any knowledge on buying online.

The Client’s own research revealed that the charge on her mother’s credit card bill was actually from an online dating website. With growing suspicions and the way the Client’s parents were acting, she urgently contacted us for a consultation.

Our team of Private Investigators commenced an online investigation. Our findings revealed that the Client’s father signed up with a popular online dating website. In addition, he was found out to have been registered on this website for months. He was using an online alias to meet with women in Sydney. The team also revealed using our database that he had several accounts from different social media platforms using different names. With all the detailed evidence, the Client was able to confront her father who confirmed his online affairs.

Melissa was able to discuss the truth with her mother thanks to our detailed findings. Our elite private investigators were professional enough to provide the truth that helped them move on and start a new life.

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