Infidelity Private Investigators were recently engaged by a client in Brisbane who was concerned about the wellbeing of his three children aged 4, 6 and 9 years old. The client’s ex partner had recently moved in with her new male partner along with the 3 children. The feedback received from the children during weekend visitation was enough for the client to call us and get the ball rolling.

The client expressed his concerns for the children’s welfare and safety in the initial consultation with Infidelity Private Investigators as his ex had a history of gambling and alcohol addictions which led to the breakdown of a 15 year marriage.

We formulated a surveillance plan to monitor the wellbeing of the children by obtaining evidence of who was primarily caring for them during the day and if any neglect was taking place.

Physical surveillance was carried out for a period of 5 days from Wednesday through till Sunday starting each day early in the morning.

The results from the surveillance were surprising and disturbing for the Client as we uncovered the children were being left home alone as the Subject of the investigation was out playing poker machines, drinking alcohol and conducting grocery shopping.

Our elite private investigators were able to obtain high quality video and photos and wrote a lengthy report that was able to be utilised in court as the Client wanted to obtain full custody of the children.