We were engaged by Francesca from New York City who was apprehensive about her husband’s (Mark) upcoming business trip to Melbourne. Mark was staying at the Crowne Hotel Melbourne with one female colleague for a total of three nights. Whilst he had never cheated before Francesca had observed the female colleague act rather flirtatiously with her husband in front of her before when at home in the United States. She was concerned that if the colleague was happy to flirt in Mark’s wife’s company, what would she do when they are on the other side of the world with no one watching?

Infidelity Investigators put together a plan to stay at the Crowne Hotel along with Mark and closely watch him for the duration of the trip. He was followed to meetings, dinners and numerous other outings. Dinner on the first night was shared with a large group. Mark left early and returned to his room alone. The following two nights Mark and his female colleague dined together and she made her ambitions rather clear. Whilst Marks body language showed he had no interest in the woman (he sat with his body leaning away from her, phone in hand and not paying too much attention to her) her body language showed that she wanted more than a work relationship. She regularly touched his arm, leaned in closely towards him, flirtatiously flicked her hair and continually smiled at him. At the end of the second night our operatives accompanied them in the lift together. They were staying on different floors and went to their respective rooms alone. On the third night dinner was very much the same with Mark showing no romantic interest and his female colleague openly flirting with him. At the end of the night in the elevator she started to walk out of the lift to go to her room, turned back and asked “Mark would you like to come to my room with me?” to which Mark said “No thanks. See you in the morning”.

When relaying this story to Francesca she was very relieved yet unsurprised at the actions of the female colleague. Francesca now had peace of mind that her husband was faithful and not tempted by other women. Francesca was very satisfied with the service we provided from across the globe and could not have been happier with the outcome.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*