Steven contacted Infidelity Investigators when he started to notice his wife’s (Cassie) behaviour changing so much that it was affecting their relationship. Cassie was returning from work late, arriving home in a bad mood, not cooking dinner for the family as she normally would do and not being as active in their children’s lives as she was previously.

Steven knew there was something wrong however he could not work out what it was!

Steven purchased a GPS tracking device from Infidelity Investigators and used it on his family’s vehicle for a period of 2 weeks before calling our team of Private Investigators and arranging surveillance.

Steven had knowledge that Cassie was stopping at the local club on her way home from work each day and on her way to the shops on weekends. He was not sure if she was drinking, gambling or seeing someone else and was desperate for answers.

We arranged surveillance for a period of a week to monitor Cassie driving home from work each day as well as monitor her activities on a weekend morning.

Not long into the surveillance our Operatives discovered that Cassie had developed a severe poker machine addiction – gambling hundreds of dollars a day.

Steven was relieved to find out that he was not being cheated on however was not pleased to see his wife going through such a sad addiction and losing so much money.

Steven utilised our comprehensive surveillance report that outlined how much money Cassie was gambling, the time she spent within the club and the behaviour observed when gambling to approach Cassie and deal with the situation at hand.

Infidelity Investigators followed up with Steven several weeks after the investigation and he informed the team that they are going through counselling to assist with the addiction and work through the issues within their relationship.