Infidelity Investigators were contacted by a male client in Perth regarding concerns about a newly started relationship. Our client Harry met his girlfriend (Sam) online and was seeing her 2-3 times per week. Harry contacted our team of Private Investigators as the information provided by Sam seemed inconsistent and vague.

Sam had told Harry that she worked in retail however drove a very expensive European car and was always purchasing designer clothing and accessories.

Harry noticed that Sam carried a second mobile phone on some occasions when they were together. Harry decided not to jeopardise his new found love by questioning Sam and continued with the relationship as is.

Infidelity Investigators had a phone consultation where Harry expressed his concerns regarding the relationship. We provided some advice and options available to investigate Sam. After speaking to our Private Investigator Harry decided to take some time to monitor the situation and think about what avenue he would go down.

After 2 months Harry got back in contact with our Perth office and spoke with one of our Private Investigators. Harry advised that Sam would not commit to plans on a Friday or Saturday night in recent weeks and would like to arrange surveillance to cover the following weekend.

We utlilised a team of 3 Private Investigators as Sam resided in a large apartment block in the Perth CBD with multiple entry/exit points.

The team followed Sam on both a Friday and Saturday evening and gathered evidence that indicated Sam was working as a high class escort.

The findings were reported back to Harry which explained why Sam had so many expensive items, was never available on a weekend evening, had two phones and regularly cancelled plans they had arranged together.

Harry was relieved with the discovery however decided he could not be with Sam anymore and ended the relationship.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*