Infidelity Private Investigators were contacted by a Client by the name of Thomas from Sydney, New South Wales during May 2016. Thomas had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 8 years and was preparing to propose to her. During the early stages of their relationship both Thomas and his girlfriend were heavy smokers, each smoking a packet of cigarettes a day. Thomas quit smoking 2 years into their relationship and managed to convince his girlfriend to quit approximately 12 months ago as it was becoming an issue between them.

Thomas agreed that surveillance was his best method of checking in to see if his girlfriend was still smoking cigarettes before he proposed to her as he did not want any trust issues or barriers coming into a new marriage!

The team at Infidelity Investigators held an in depth consultation with Thomas to better understand his girlfriends schedule and routine.

After Thomas signed off on the proposed surveillance plan the Sydney team of Private Investigators were deployed for a period of 6 surveillance periods over a 7 day period.

The surveillance team gathered evidence of the Subject smoking cigarettes and the extreme length that she went to cover her tracks! Thomas was provided with an in depth surveillance report, photos and high quality surveillance footage showing his girlfriend smoking regularly throughout the day.

Armed with our evidence Thomas was able to approach his girlfriend and handle the situation that was causing him issues within the relationship.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*