Susan had expressed concern to a close group of friends that she thought her husband was being unfaithful. One of these friends recommended Infidelity Investigators based on a positive prior experience and as a result Susan employed our services. Susan explained to us that her husband, a CEO of a medium size company, had recently employed a junior bookkeeper who was young, attractive and rather ambitious.

The company had a team building trip planned to the Gold Coast on the upcoming weekend so two of our surveillance operatives accompanied the CEO on the trip, unbeknownst to him. Whilst staying at the same resort the operatives were able to identify the junior bookkeeper and observed her and the CEO acting as a couple; they were holding hands, staying in the same room, dining intimately together and kissing. These actions were very public and indiscreet – it was there for all colleagues to see.

Upon receiving this information Susan was distraught to learn that her partner of twenty-two years was having an affair. The fact that she was friends with some of his colleagues who knew about the affair only made matters harder for her however this carelessness on her husband’s part made her decision to leave him a lot easier. 

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*