Infidelity Investigators conducted several periods of physical surveillance for Melanie in Sydney. Our team of Private Investigators gathered high quality photos and video of Melanie’s husband having an affair with a close friend of the family. Melanie confronted her husband and the family friend with the evidence and was able to get both of them to confess about the affair. Melanie’s husband promised that it would end so they could try and repair their marriage however Melanie did not trust him for obvious reasons given his past indiscretions.

Melanie booked an appointment at our Sydney office and provided our forensic technician with her husband’s phone for the purpose of conducting a forensic extraction to retrieve deleted text messages, images and call logs from the device.

The extraction was successfully completed and supplied to Melanie within 48 hours. The results from the extraction confirmed that they were still in contact with each other after several promises to end the affair.

It was clear to Melanie that her husband was not going to end the affair and she was forced to end the marriage and move on with her life.

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