Infidelity Investigators were contacted by a Client in Brisbane during early 2016 to conduct surveillance on the Client’s boyfriend. They had been in a relationship for 9 months still living in separate housing although the relationship was moving very quickly.

The Client had requested that we conduct physical surveillance on her partner whilst he was at work on a weekend. The Subject of the surveillance had no supervisor monitoring his office on the weekend and had the flexibility to leave at his leisure which sparked the Clients suspicions along with a last minute cancellation of an evening plan they had together.

Infidelity Investigators conducted covert surveillance with a team of two operatives from the Subjects home address and followed him to work. At approximately 12.30 pm the Subject left work and was followed on foot to a high end well known retail jewellery store located several blocks from his work address.

The Subject purchased an expensive bracelet and had it neatly wrapped by the staff in the store. The information was relayed to the Client as part of a regular update throughout the surveillance period. The Client advised that she had no anniversary or birthday coming up in weeks to come and found it very unusual.

The operatives continued following the Subject back to work where they remained until 5 pm until he departed.

The Subject went directly home after work still carrying the shopping bag containing the jewellery purchased earlier in the day.

At approximately 6.30 pm the Subject left his home address very well dressed carrying the jewellery box and travelled by taxi to the CBD.

Whilst the Subject was seated within the taxi he sent a text message to our Client advising that he was at home watching movies after a long day at work.

The Operatives obtained high quality video as the Subject met a Female in the Brisbane CBD. They hugged and kissed before the Subject handed the box containing the previously purchased jewellery to the Female.

The surveillance footage, photos and a report were supplied to the Client who was extremely devastated to find out what had occurred.

Armed with the evidence she was able to remove herself from the relationship and move on with her life.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*