Anita contacted Infidelity Investigators after moving to Melbourne for university. Anita was staying at the Crown Hotel in the Melbourne CBD whilst waiting to rent an apartment.

We conducted a consultation with Anita who informed us that she had been speaking to a man online for approximately 18 months before moving to Australia. Since staying in Melbourne they had been meeting up each day and the man’s behaviour was rather suspicious; he was dressed for work each day however ended up staying at the hotel with Anita, he carried two mobile phones and would not leave them unattended in the hotel room. Anita felt very insecure and vulnerable as she did not know anyone in the country.

We quickly deployed 2 private investigators to Anita’s hotel and waited in the lobby for the man to leave. The agents were able to follow him from the hotel to a place of residence and then confirm his true identity.

The name he provided to Anita was not his real name and the home address where he claimed he lived was approximately 10 kilometres from where he was followed.

Anita was very emotionally invested due to the time spent dating the man online and the time spent during her initial days in Melbourne. Anita elected to continue the surveillance.

The team discovered soon after that the man was engaged to a woman residing in Melbourne and was in the process of planning a wedding.

All the information was relayed to Anita who was incredibly surprised and upset with our findings.

Anita approached the man with the information on hand and he confessed to a whole range of lies that he had told.

We advised Anita to end communication with the man and to move hotels so he could not locate her for her own safety.

Anita has become a close friend of our Melbourne team and has maintained regular contact since the investigation.