Signs You’re Being Cheated On!

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, it can be an incredibly difficult and painful experience. You may feel a range of emotions, including anger, sadness, and confusion, and it can be challenging to know what to do next. In this blog post, we will explore some common signs of infidelity and discuss what you can do if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you.

Signs of Infidelity

While every relationship is unique, there are some common signs that your partner may be cheating on you. These may include:

1. Increased Secrecy

If your partner is suddenly more secretive about their phone, computer, or other personal belongings, it may be a red flag.

2. Changes in Behaviour

If your partner is suddenly working longer hours, spending more time away from home, or showing less interest in spending time with you, it may be a sign that they are cheating.

3. Changes in Appearance

If your partner suddenly starts dressing differently, wearing new cologne or perfume, or taking more care with their appearance, it may be a sign that they are trying to impress someone else.

4. Lack of Intimacy

If your partner suddenly loses interest in sex or shows less affection toward you, it may be a sign that they are emotionally or physically involved with someone else.

What to Do if You Suspect Infidelity

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, it can be tempting to confront them immediately. However, it is important to take a step back and consider your options before acting.

Talk to the team at Infidelity Investigators about how we can assist you gathering the evidence so that when you confront your partner, they can’t manipulate the situation or deny wrongdoing.

We have private investigators available to assist 365 days per year and are only a phone call away.

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    Should I Hire a Private Investigator to Catch my Partner Cheating?

    Private investigators can provide discreet and professional investigative services to clients who suspect that their partners are cheating.

    These services may include conducting surveillance, gathering evidence, and providing detailed reports of their findings.

    Some potential benefits of hiring a private investigator for infidelity cases may include:

    • Gaining peace of mind and closure about the truth of your partner’s behaviour

    • Obtaining evidence that can be used in legal proceedings, such as divorce or child custody cases.

    • Protecting your emotional and physical safety by confirming suspicions of infidelity.

    • Preserving your privacy by investigating in a discreet and confidential manner.


    It is important to note that private investigators must adhere to legal and ethical standards when conducting investigations, and they cannot engage in illegal or unethical activities in order to obtain information. Additionally, private investigators cannot guarantee specific outcomes or results from their investigations.

    Speak to the team at Infidelity Investigators today to see if a private investigation is the right move for you! We are available 24/7 at 1300 979 621.




      Can You Live with a Partner Knowing They are Cheating On You?

      In a romantic relationship, trust and mutual respect are essential for a healthy and fulfilling partnership. If your partner cheats on you, it can cause significant emotional pain and distress, and it can seriously damage the trust and respect that are crucial for a healthy relationship.

      Living with a partner who cheats on you can lead to feelings of betrayal, anger, jealousy, and hurt. It can also create a toxic dynamic in the relationship, where there is little or no trust and a constant fear of being hurt again.

      In some cases, couples may choose to stay together despite infidelity and work through their issues with the help of counselling or other forms of therapy. However, this requires both partners to be willing to communicate openly and honestly about the infidelity and work together to rebuild trust and respect.


      Ultimately, the decision to stay with a partner who cheats on you is a personal one, and it depends on your individual values, beliefs, and circumstances. It’s essential to take the time to reflect on your feelings and consider seeking support from a trusted friend or mental health professional.

      We are here to help. Contact us on 1300 979 621 to discuss your individual situation.




        Cheating Has Become Prevalent in Australia – See the Statistics!

        Infidelity or cheating is a sensitive and personal issue that is not easily reported or captured in official statistics. However, there have been several surveys and studies conducted in Australia on the prevalence of infidelity and cheating among couples.

        Here are some statistics on cheating partners in Australia based on these studies:

        1. According to a study conducted by YouGov in 2019, 23% of Australians who are in a committed relationship have cheated on their partner at some point.

        2. A survey conducted by Relationships Australia in 2019 found that infidelity was a significant issue in almost one-third of all relationships in Australia.

        3. Another study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that around 10% of married couples in Australia reported that at least one partner had engaged in extramarital sex in the past 12 months.

        4. The same study found that men were more likely to cheat than women, with 12.5% of men admitting to infidelity compared to 7.6% of women.

        5. A survey conducted by Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates affairs and cheating, found that the city with the highest rate of infidelity in Australia is Brisbane, with 18.8% of the population admitting to cheating on their partner.


        If you feel your partner is cheating on you – don’t hesitate, contact us on 1300 979 621 to find out how we can help you get the answers.

        We are trusted, experienced and discrete. We do not compromise on the quality of our service.

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          Top 13 Reasons why You Should Hire a Professional Investigator

          For many of us, it is hard to imagine people are capable of fraud, dishonesty, and corruption. Unfortunately, there is much more to the world around us than what meets the eye. And, there are plenty of situations that call for the assistance of an individual who is an expert in determining what is really going on.

          The expert advice of a professional investigation company can be beneficial in various scenarios within both your personal life and your professional life.

          Regardless of the situation, in today’s world, it is better to be safe than sorry. And, a professional investigation company can help you get your facts straight.

          Here are 13 important reasons you should hire a professional investigation company:

          1) They are insured. 

          During an investigation, there is the chance that a lawsuit could be filed, or something else of similar nature. Under these circumstances, insurance would be needed to cover expenses and provide assistance. A private investigation company will have the proper insurance already in place, should such a scenario arise.

          2) They are properly trained in private investigations.

          When it comes to a private investigation, there is no room for error as it could jeopardise the entire investigation. But, a private investigator is trained in finding hidden information, legally and discretely. They are also trained in the proper investigation tactics to help avoid detection and other issues that pose a threat to an investigation.

          3) They are experienced in the field.

          In some cases, the window of opportunity is only available for so long. A private investigation company has investigators who have experience making quick decisions – even in challenging working conditions.

          4) They are trustworthy.

          Especially when hearing bad news about someone, it can be hard to believe it is true. But, when you use a private investigation company, you can trust that they are an unbiased and trustworthy party who has done their job to the best of their ability. They have no reason to lie to you.

          5) They are credible in the eyes of the court system.

          What you hear through the grapevine is just hearsay, especially in a court case. But, a private investigator can act as a credible source in the eyes of the law. And, they might be the deciding factor when the jury goes to deliberate.

          6) They have specialised equipment. 

          It takes a lot more than just the human ear to hear what someone is saying in a car across the street. A private investigation company already has access to GPS trackers, high definition camcorders, and various other high-tech equipment.

          7) They are legally compliant. 

          Did you know that you could be doing something illegal by spying on someone during the completion of your own private investigation? You could be charged with something as serious as stalking. A private investigator is a professional who is well aware of the law and abides by it – taking the risk factor off you.

          8) They are licensed.

          Certain credentials are needed to access pieces of information and to carry out some operations. As a civilian, you probably don’t have a license to spy on your spouse’s mistress. However, a private investigation company does. They are the experts. Part of being legally compliant is holding the correct licenses.

          9) They can easily go undetected. 

          In the event that you are investigating someone close to you, you would be easily recognised by them. However, the private investigator will appear just the same as any other stranger they might come in contact with. Because of their anonymity, they are able to get much closer to the person and the activities without being detected.

          10) They offer actionable information collection. 

          In a private investigation, access to valuable data such as personal finances and work history can be vital to getting the answers you need. But, chances are, you don’t readily (or legally) have access to this information. However, private investigators do have the credentials to legally access necessary information for you.

          11) They are objective. 

          Oftentimes, clients are looking to investigate a cheating spouse or an ex-spouse involved with questionable financial matters. Typically, these are sensitive situations in which the interested party is completely biased against the person being investigated. This can create a very sticky situation. However, the private investigator has no relationship with or to the subject, so they function as an unbiased party in the investigation. This helps to provide clear and accurate results.

          12) They are affordable. 

          When you are thinking about the amount of time and the equipment necessary to complete an investigation, the costs will quickly add up. And, if you are doing the investigation yourself, it is all coming out of your own pocket. But, a private investigation company already has the necessary equipment on hand and can offer you a reasonable rate. Surveillance is usually boring, do you really want to put in 40 hours each week of surveillance for free?

          13) They offer peace of mind.

          An investigation can be grueling. But, thanks to a private investigator, you can have peace of mind that you will get the answers you deserve. Meanwhile, you can continue your normal life without the stress of having to do all the digging yourself.

          So, whether you need information on a potential employee or a current spouse, hiring Infidelity Investigators will save you time, money, the hassle, and possibly even legal trouble. Contact Infidelity Investigators today on 1300 979 621.

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            Loving, Cheating, and Forgiving

            When you love someone, you feel like you’re encased in a safe bubble that no-one can penetrate. You make plans with your spouse for your future and hope to achieve certain dreams together like buying a beautiful house or investing in a new business. But what happens when the one you love cheats? Can your relationship survive? Is it truly worth giving the person a second chance? Should you invest your time and energy on someone who has betrayed you or should you end the relationship and change your life forever?

            Dealing with Infidelity

            In today’s digital age there are many quick and easy ways for people to find partners and pursue extra-marital affairs. Whether they’re workplace romances, online romances or philanderer type affairs, they all have a negative impact on marital relationships. After discovering the facts and confronting their worst fears, both partners generally begin to panic. The cheater may either lie to the faithful partner about the facts or come clear and apologise profusely in an attempt to make amends. The victim is usually devastated, angry, and terrified as they begin to work through their emotions and grief. Most victims usually go through the same thoughts and ask similar questions over and over again which only leads to more pain when the questions are answered.

            Should you Forgive and Move On?

            Forgiveness generally benefits the victim more than it does the cheater. It’s easier said than done, but it certainly helps you let go of the resentment and lets you move on. You will still remember the experience no doubt, but you will no longer taste its bitterness. Many people choose to forgive their partners and stay in the same relationship even after discovering the facts. This generally happens when the cheating partner is genuinely sorry and determined to make things better. Experts say that people who are married to those who have developed a pattern of cheating are less likely to stay in the relationship. The bottom line is love is a very complicated thing that motivates people to do ridiculous things. Nobody deserves to experience any form of betrayal though. At the end of the day, you need to uncover all the facts before deciding whether you should work on the relationship or let go and start anew.

            Remember forgiveness is not an emotion; it’s a decision. You choose to forgive them in order to look out for your own physical and mental health, not to let the offender off the hook. Infidelity may shatter you and your life, but forgiveness will help you move past the anger and frustration. It will let you focus on building a happier life.

            At Infidelity Investigators we recognise how disturbing and devastating it is to deal with infidelity. We’ll help you find out whether your spouse is cheating on you so you can stop your doubts from consuming your mind. With our covert cameras, spy gadgets, and surveillance tools, we’ll uncover even the most well-kept secrets.

            Don’t let infidelity come in the way of your destiny. Call us on 1300 979 621 for a confidential chat if you feel your partner is betraying you.

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              How to Find a Private Investigator in Brisbane

              Six Steps to find the PI that’s right for you

              Deciding to hire a private investigator to determine the fidelity of a partner is never easy. If suspicious or unusual behaviour has you questioning your relationship, then it’s probably a good idea to find a Brisbane private investigator. PIs are well trained in investigating and can deliver the truth you deserve. To find the right PI for you, here are six steps to consider.

              1. Start by considering referrals from trusted sources. Because of the sensitivity of an infidelity investigation, you might not be able to ask for recommendations from friends or family. If that’s not an option, then you may be able to find a Brisbane PI through a reputable barrister or another legal body like the Attorney General’s office. There are of course Brisbane private investigators with online ratings. These types of recommendations may not always be as trusted.

              2. Ensure the investigation firms on your list are licensed. Brisbane PIs operate under Security Providers Act. Licenses are administered by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT has eligibility requirements that include: 1. Minimum age of 18 2. Successful completion of the OFT’s training course 3. Must be an appropriate person Why should you look for a license? It is an indicator of experience and also that the PI is legitimate.

              3. Perform a character check. When considering different private investigators, you should have an initial chat with them. This consultation is typically at no charge, so use it to do your own investigation. Ask pertinent questions about how they operate. Ask specific questions related to your case. The answers can give you an expectation that the firm either does or does not act discretely and legally.

              4. Determine their level of experience. When selecting a PI to investigate alleged infidelity, you’ll want to choose a firm that has extensive experience in this type of investigation. With experienced investigators working for you, they’ll know what course of action to take that provides answers to you quickly.

              5. Understand costs and fees. You’re entering into a business arrangement with a PI, so the conversation about money should happen sooner rather than later. Ask for estimates related to hourly fees. If you’re being offered a flat fee for an investigation, be sure you understand what’s included and what’s not. Being clear about charges up front will create expectations.

              6. Go with your gut. The matter of investigating a partner is delicate. You may already be very emotional so you should find a PI that makes you feel comfortable from the initial conversation. Sometimes it’s not what someone says but how they say it. Your own intuition is typically a good indicator of character. You certainly don’t want to choose an investigator that’s pushy or pressuring you. You should make the decision based on your needs and feelings.

              How we can help

              Our professional private investigators in Brisbane have the expertise and experience to investigate your suspicions quickly and efficiently. That way, you get answers sooner. We are professional and understand the delicacy of such a situation. We’ll support you and are available to you at most any time. Any questions you have, we’re here to answer. Stop wondering, and find out the truth today. Our private investigators in Brisbane understand the importance of discretion. We also offer a variety of cost effective solutions and confidential payment options so as not to alert your partner.

              If you are ready to speak to a private investigator in Brisbane, contact us today at 1300 979 621, or email for your free and confidential enquiry.

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                Private Investigator Cost – Hiring a Private Investigator

                Find out what impacts costs before you hire a PI

                Before deciding to hire a private detective to investigate possible infidelity, you’ve probably wondered: what is the cost of a private investigator? Well, simply put, it depends. There are many different techniques and practices used to investigate infidelity. Services, as well as time commitment, impact costs. In this blog, we’ll look at the factors as they relate to costs and what you can expect to pay when hiring a private investigator.

                Up front costs and set expectations

                Private investigation firms in Australia offer a variety of services. The industry is well represented, allowing for competitive pricing for clients. Legitimate private investigators in Australia must be licensed so make sure when pricing services that you are working with a reputable firm. In your initial consultation with a PI, you should ask about the cost of services and whether they are hourly or have a flat fee. If hourly, ask for an estimated length of time, or you can simply set this yourself.

                Services dictate costs

                Physical surveillance

                In most infidelity investigations, there is a need to do physical surveillance. If a client thinks his or her partner is cheating, we recommend surveillance of the partner. Sometimes our clients know exactly where their spouse will be within a defined time frame. In other cases, it’s up to us to track the person down and begin the surveillance. Surveillance allows us to provide documented proof of where the person is spending his or her time. This type of private investigation service is charged on an hourly rate. The length of time will vary, depending on what is uncovered and our clients request to continue following a subject. Surveillance is typically a one person job; however, circumstances may illicit the need for two or more investigators. If using multiple agents, the cost will be higher. In addition to surveillance, there are other services we offer to investigate infidelity, including background checks, social media investigations, phone number searches and data recovery.

                Background checks

                We can provide a full background check on an individual to include marital status, employment history, AKA (also known as) names and criminal record. The cost of a background check depends on how far back the search needs to go and what databases or courts need to be checked, both in Australia and globally. When looking at criminal history or civil proceedings, like divorces or lawsuits, there may be charges related to obtaining records, which would be the responsibility of the client.

                Social media investigations

                Social media is a platform often used as a secret way to connect and communicate with others outside of a relationship. If you are suspicious of your partner’s social media behaviour, we can run a social media check on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as dating or hook-up sites like eHarmony and Tinder. Costs for this would depend on how many platforms are checked.

                Phone number searches

                Is an unknown number always appearing on your spouse’s phone or on the phone bill? We can perform a quick trace to find its owner. This is typically a flat fee service.

                Data recovery

                Want to find out what’s recently been deleted on a smart phone, tablet or computer? It’s not really gone because we can use forensics technology to reveal deleted, corrupt of invisible information from almost any device. We can typically do an extraction of deleted data within 48 hours. This extraction would include messages, photos, emails and more. Pricing for this would depend on the type of device and the time taken to recover the data. Now that you know how the costs of hiring a private investigator are impacted, you can make an informed decision on what services you need. If you’d like to learn more about costs related to an investigation you’d like us to take on, please contact us. We’re available 24/7. All enquiries are confidential. Response time is typically within an hour via phone or email. We’ll price your investigation directly over the phone as well. Stop wondering what’s going on and get the truth you deserve today.

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                  Millennial Ways of Cheating: What to Watch Out

                  As private Investigators in Australia, we’ve seen a big rise in infidelity-related cases in the nation. It’s not just older couples who are having affairs. It’s the younger millennial generation as well. People in committed relationships are known to cheat on their partners for different reasons. Some pursue extramarital affairs to meet their sexual needs. Others cheat because they want to feel emotionally satisfied. Many people also do it because they’re suffering from marital boredom. The experts suggest that nearly 70% of all marriages experience an affair. Interestingly, there is a slight difference in what’s considered immoral among people of different age groups.

                  Is My Partner Cheating?

                  Although people in Australia are more tolerant of premarital sex, they strongly disapprove extramarital relations. Millennials often hold more traditional attitudes than the older generation and want their relationships to remain stable and safe. They consider ‘flirting,’ ‘sending suggestive text messages,’ and ‘having dinner with someone without their partner’s knowledge’ as unfaithful extramarital involvement. Millennials are also more likely to use social media platforms like Facebook and online dating sites to communicate with other people privately.

                  What to Watch Out For

                  If you think your partner is keeping a secret from you, you ought to watch out for a few subtle signs that could indicate whether they’re having an affair or not.

                  • You notice a sudden change in their appearance and the way they dress. They usually do everything they can to look better and impress the other person.
                  • They always guard their phones and computers, reset the passwords on their devices, fail to reveal their new passwords and deny access to their phones.
                  • They might acquire a new phone to communicate in private and even sign up for a separate credit card.
                  • They delete all history on their phones and portable communication devices.
                  • You’ll often find them “running a bit late from work” or “caught up in work-related issues.”
                  • They shower you with gifts for no reason. This usually indicates they’re guilty about something and they’re trying to make up for it.
                  • They prefer spending time online or on social media and ditch spending time with the family or kids.
                  • You can’t reach them on their phones, and they don’t offer you a reasonable explanation about their whereabouts.
                  • They tell you they’re pursuing a new hobby, one that doesn’t involve you.
                  • They prefer doing their own laundry for fear of you finding evidence on their clothes or in their pockets.

                  Affairs have a disastrous effect on marriages. Here at Infidelity Investigators, we’ve helped people uncover the truth and make informed decisions by carrying our professional and discreet investigations. With our spy gadgets, tracking devices, and experience, we can tell you whether your spouse is engaging in acts of infidelity behind your back.

                  Stop obsessing over your partner’s strange behaviour and ask for our help.

                  Call us on 1300 979 621 for a discreet conversation and put your mind at ease.

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                    Hiring a Private Investigator in Sydney

                    The Advantages of Hiring a Private Investigator in Sydney

                    What are the advantages of hiring a licensed private investigator in Sydney? Generally, the advantages of hiring a reputable, licensed private detective outweigh the negative of either doing it on your own or choosing the first firm you come across. This post will discuss the advantages of hiring a licensed private detective in Sydney, along with things you should take into consideration when you begin looking for a firm.

                    Why Should You Consider Hiring a Licensed Private Investigator in Sydney?

                    There are several reasons why you should look into hiring a private investigator over trying to do it yourself.

                    • Knowledge and Experience. Many private investigator firms hire employees who either have a Criminal Justice degree or come with a background in law enforcement. This means they will have prior knowledge of the laws and procedures that come with doing private investigator work.
                    • Specialised Tools. Many private investigators have their own tools that make their jobs easier. They have access to things like surveillance cameras, monitoring equipment, computers, and databases the general public do not have access to.
                    • Training. Most private investigators from licensed firms go through extensive training. They go through this training because they know if they make one small mistake they can jeopardise the entire investigation.

                    What Factors Should You Be Aware of When You Look for a Private Investigator Firm?

                    When you start to look at private investigator firms in Sydney, you should check for a few things before you hire them.

                    • Insurance. You want to hire a private investigator that is insured. This is extremely important because you want your investigator to have insurance if they get in an accident or damage property.
                    • License. Your private investigator should be able to produce their license quickly and easily. You want to choose a private investigator that has an up-to-date license. This will confirm that they are in compliance with any regulations.
                    • Reporting Practices. Check how often your private investigator firm reports back to their clients. Some firms report every day, some once or twice a week, and some don’t report back until they finish the investigation. Generally speaking, the more frequently they report back, the better it is for keeping the client informed.
                    • Bad Reviews/Bad Publicity. Check if the company you are speaking with has any negative feedback online or any bad publicity from previous client experiences or news articles.

                    If you wold like to speak with a reputable private investigator in Sydney call 1300 979 621 today to discuss your individual case. Investigations starting from as little as $110!

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