Jennifer approached us after noticing a change in her relationship with her husband. After many years of marriage, he had become somewhat distant and their sex life had almost come to a halt. Alongside their relationship problems she had noticed that money had become tighter – there were less funds to pay the bills with and they were spending less on dinners out.

After browsing the internet for a Private Investigator in Sydney Jennifer found Infidelity Investigators. After discussing and examining her situation we proposed a number of options with surveillance being the most suited. We elected to follow the man from his home in Sydney’s inner west to his place of work in the Sydney CBD for three days in order to establish a pattern of behaviour and catch out any unusual activity.

Our Operatives discovered quite a surprising result for our client –  for three days straight the Subject was observed dressing in gym attire during his lunch break and heading to different brothels within the Sydney CBD. The façade of visiting the gym kept questions about his activity at bay and provided a good excuse as to where he was. When reporting these results to the client she was understandably shocked however pleased to finally have an understanding about the changes in the relationship with her husband.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*