Claire contacted Infidelity Investigators via email to discuss her concerns for her husband, Adam, who had been acting very out of character. Adam had apparently been attending more business meetings that occurred outside of work hours, had a lock on his phone and seemed to lack interest in an intimate relationship with his wife. He had denied that any changes had occurred when Claire brought it up and the tension between them was rising.

Infidelity Investigators elected to follow Adam after work when he told Claire he had a late business meeting. This business meeting however turned out to be a date with a younger male.  Adam travelled from his office in the Brisbane CBD by taxi to an intimate bar where he went inside and met a younger male. They greeted each-other hello with a kiss and acted affectionately all night. After a few hours at the city venue they travelled to what appeared to be the young male’s apartment in South Bank where they stayed together for a couple of hours. Afterwards, Adam came out alone and caught a taxi home to Claire.

When we relayed our findings to Claire she was absolutely shocked. Adam had always identified as straight and she was unaware he had ever had an interest in men. Claire was very interested to see the footage we had obtained which further solidified what we were saying.

*Names of Clients have been changed to protect their identities*